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Delphin Waterproof Micro Tablet With SwimBuds Is More Than Just An MP3 Player


The Delphin Waterproof Micro Tablet lets you Play Your Music Underwater or Above Ground!

Free your workout from the bulkiness and distractions of your smartphone with the lightweight, set and go convenience of the Delphin Waterproof Micro Tablet.  Now you can listen to your favorite music, audiobooks, and podcasts whether your underwater or above ground.

No matter if you are swimming, hiking, or in the gym, the Delphin media streaming tablet gives you full app control and compatibility with Spotify, Audible, Stitcher, Pandora, Amazon Music, and any other app you’ll find on the Amazon App store.

Stream the media that makes your workout more efficient and focused by connecting to WiFi or play off line.  The durable lightweight Delphin media player is IPX8 rated waterproof, shockproof, and compatible with wired or wireless bluetooth headphones and speakers.

The Delphin underwater micro tablet is completely independent of your cellular service and does not require tethering to your data or cause distractions when you need to be focused the most.

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  1. This is awesome! It is great in the pool, it is great out of the pool. You can even watch Amazon Prime videos on it! Granted the screen is postage stamp sized, but it still works. I use the wired ear buds in the pool but I use a bluetooth set of ear buds on dry land and also use a UE Boom speaker. Very versatile! It has a neat metronome in the lap tracker app that runs over top of music or audiobooks so you can stay on pace regardless of the beat of what you are listening to. And it syncs to strava! Best of all the big blobby tanline on my arm from my Garmin Swim watch is starting to fade, since I don’t use it anymore!

  2. As an underwater listening device, this is a 5 star product. Great sound quality and love downloading Pandora Channels/playlists as well as Audible, etc.As a lap counter, it is a 1 star. I have spoke with the help desk numerous times. They tell me it has to be placed perfectly in the back of my head to be accurate. It is so picky, “center” can. It be achieved poolside and must be perfectly positioned in the locker room with a mirror. At best, it now accurately counts my laps 50% of the time. Therefore making it unreliable. Usually just stops counting for about 500 yards and then restarts at some point. The Delphin would be SO SO great if it only worked consistently. Still hoping they will update it and fix the reliability and finickines.Update: Customer service is excellent. Latest update made the accuracy of the lap counter alot better! At the end of a 3000yd swim, I was only off by 100-200 yds. I really like that it tracks no matter what kind of drills that I do.

  3. Never written a review for anything but this is worth it. Makes a fantastic noise and clips to the back of your goggles easily. Screen is a tab fiddly but thats to be expected for something so small. The fact you can download spotify and keep updating your playlists puts it head and shoulders above all other ‘static’ underwater MP3 players seeing as no one actually buys music anymore. The headphones and bud choices that come with it are great and I actually found myself losing track of lengths due to listening to the music. Top product!!

  4. *** Updated 8/21/19. Have to update this again. Going strong and almost a year old. Not only that, their support is fantastic. I’ve had a few questions and they were answered and addressed personally within 48 hours. Wife and I are very happy with these. Maybe it is worth the cost?** Updated 6/6/19, purchased 11/18. So far so good with this product. I’m talking about 5 hours a week swimming laps in a highly chlorinated pool at our gym. Battery life has been great, it basically lasts for 4 good swims before I recharge (take no chances). I’ve added a star because so far it’s lasted longer than anything else I’ve tried, including the iPod Shuffle. The problem with the iPod Shuffle is that they are all old and no longer in production. They also do not allow for any customization of sound, so with the headphones that come with this, sound like crap. DO NOT BUY and iPod Shuffle. Waste of money.Additional Notes:* Make sure to put into airplane mode and turn off wifi and bluetooth when not needed. This extends the battery life by a lot.* Dark Player on the Amazon App store allows for great sound customization. I actually get the bass and highs that I like, along with volume amplification. Be forewarned the the license needs to update now and then, so you will need to have some sort of wifi handy in case the license warming pops up. Then just enable wifi and open the app. it will update and let you continue.* The headphone jack is starting to get a little sloppy and the headphones unplug easier and easier. this is my concern, that since the headphone jack is also the charger, the constant plug and unplugs into that hack will wear it out, turning this into an expensive paperweight or bluetooth mp3 player.*That screen is still freaking terrible. I have to get a magnifying glass or reading glasses to work with.* Previous Review:Ok, then why did I purchase this? because the other options currently available are utter crap. I’ve gone through the cheaper ones and they don’t work well, fail too quickly. Unfortunately this is a newer product, so we will have to see what I think a few months down the road. I’ll add a star if I can go 3 months without a problem.Don’t use the built in music player, it sucks. Go on the Amazon App store and get Dark Music.Pros:Excellent battery life. By my estimates will get probably 8 hours per charge.Decent storageVery light, don’t even feel it onVery good sound quality when I use the equalizer in Dark Music playerHeadphones sound goodEar Buds that came on the unit are excellent, do not leak, at allA lot of options since it is running androidDecent display (but read the con)Cons:Teeny Tiny display. Almost impossible to use with fingers for entering in data.Extremely over priced for a device like this. Should sell for under 100, easy.Built in music app is worthless, doesn’t even shuffle.Unknown product quality, it is too new to judge.Summary:Do I like this product, yes. I just wish some competition would pop up so that prices would get adjusted properly. This is crazy, insane high. But what are we to do?

  5. After spending two hours trying to set this thing up I gave up and shipped for return. . Ever to try to sign in on Amazon with a one inch screen? The instructions I googled talk about a wireless keyboard included in most purchases. Do you see the option for such a keyboard anywhere? After finally signing in on Amazon in order to get Spotify-not even sure why that is necessary but it is-I clicked on always remember me, and then when signing in again guess what? Prompted to enter password etc again. The battery drains super fast-the instructions say to save battery put the screen saver function at 15 seconds-that super convenient. The buttons are a pain to push . This is a nightmare.

  6. I am very pleased with the Delphin media player and Hydroactive headphones. I recently began swimming as a low impact workout to lose weight but found myself getting bored by the repetition and less motivated to complete a longer session in the pool. I originally purchased a waterproof bag and headphones for my phone but was never comfortable with submerging my expensive smartphone underwater for as long as I needed to. After a lot of research, I decided to go with the Delphin which turned out to be an excellent choice. It was delivered to my home at 7pm and I was able to set it up (including connect to internet, installing apps, and downloading content), charge it a bit, and use it for a 45 minute swim all before 9pm on the same evening. The screen is small, but I found that using the included stylus made it much easier to enter passwords and log-in information. The Hydroactive headphones were also great, keeping water out of my ears and providing clear and consistent sound throughout my swim.

  7. I love listening to audiobooks or music depending on my swim. I used to put audiobooks on my shuffle, but finding my place when I went back to listen via my phone was impossible. Then I tried listening to two books at once–one on my shuffle while swimming and the other on my phone during every day. This didn’t really work for me. The Delphin allows me to listen to my audiobook while swimming and seamlessly sync with Audible and pick up right where I left off on my phone. I also like the fact that I can load my music onto it and switch whenever I want. It may seem like an expensive purchase, but it’s entirely worth it.

  8. I brought this for swimming as I get bored after 20 mins in pool. This seemed to be the only item on the market where you can run spotify. I ended up being in the pool for over an hour as I was quite entertained. I wish however the sound could go louder and it’s way overpriced for what it is. Head phones are slightly uncomfortable perhaps it’s just the pair that I use but the item comes with various ear fittings and sizes.

  9. Customer support was excellent, quick to respond and replaced my first Delphin without any issues when there was a problem with the battery.Pros:Works well when swimmingA good range of ear pieces to find a good fitComes with a bluetooth keyboardStays stable and unnoticeable on swim goggle strap when swimmingCons:Setup is very fiddly (the screen is tiny but the keyboard and app help)The battery is very sensitive to overcharging and no built-in charging management / protectionBattery discharges quickly (recommended to switch to airplane mode when not downloading)The volume needs to be high when swimming especially when listening to the spoken word (Eg podcast, audio book) to overcome background sounds of swimmingCannot recharge for 4 hours after immersion in waterAndroid only (some might see this as a Pro)Overall it is a good solution for swimming with audio if you can live with the quirks.

  10. Have been fobbed off twice, albeit very courteously, by customer services. I bought an expensive waterproof MP3 player predominantly to listen to BBC Sounds while training. I have a very capable waterproof iPod with great headphones that already allows me to listen to all the music I want.It seems that some app’s are incompatible. No real explanation. No list of compatible app’s. Not sure how you can verify compatibility before you buy? I would ask Delphin to check before you buy.Other than that, it seems like a great piece of kit, but it is likely to sit in the bottom of a drawer. Shame!

  11. I did lot research and I bought specifically for audible but you can only download USA audible app not UK and the accounts are separate. It’s very expensive item just to be able to listen to music app. So returned item and warning others not to get if you want for audible.

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