Demerbox DB2 Bluetooth Loudspeaker In A Waterproof Speaker Box


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The Demerbox DB2 Bluetooth Loudspeaker Offers Unrivaled Sound Quality, Crisp Audio, and Powerful Bass.

Demerbox DB2 is a Bluetooth speaker housed in a crush-proof Pelican case that plays for an incredible 40 hrs between charges.

It also has internal USB charging to keep your devices charged throughout your adventure!

Demerbox Db2 Bluetooth Loudspeaker

Demerbox’s professional-grade sound thrives with crystal clear highs and beefy bass, pounding out your playlist loud enough for any outdoor adventure.

One DemerBox is more than enough to get the party started.

However, Demerbox is a Bluetooth multi-pairing speaker, so you and your friends can connect up to 6 Demberbox DB2 speakers to an outdoor sound system.

Each big Bluetooth speaker comes equipped with two 3-inch, 8ohm aluminum cone speakers with rubber surround drivers.

The dual speakers pound out 94db via 11w of power through each channel.

Source your preferred playlist through a 100 ft Bluetooth range or pipe it in with the available 3.5mm audio jack.

Demberbox DB2 case also transforms into a waterproof speaker box when you install the port plug.

Demerbox Db2 Waterproof Speaker Box

Never worry again about a rained-out gathering or the speaker falling overboard!

The crush-proof Bluetooth speaker box is waterproof and hand-built in the USA.  If anything ever goes wrong with your Bluetooth speaker, Demerbox will fix the 100% serviceable speaker.

Where to Buy the Demerbox DB2 Bluetooth Speaker

Demer Box Db2 Bluetooth Speaker
Demer Box DB2 Bluetooth Speaker
Crush Proof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Handbuilt in the USA

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