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Demerbox DB2 Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker in Crush Proof Case


The Kryptek Typhon Demerbox DB2 is an Incredibly Loud Bluetooth Speaker in a Crush Proof Pelican Case.

The Demberbox DB2 waterproof outdoor speaker is one of the most rugged Bluetooth speakers you will find.

Whether you are in the field, mountains, or marsh, you will appreciate the pure rugged tenacity of this outdoor Bluetooth speaker.

The waterproof outdoor Bluetooth speaker easily mounts to any outdoor vehicle or watercraft and the proven tough all weather design can take a beating.

Dual speakers pound out 94db of unmatched sound quality from the clear highs to the powerful bass suitable for any open air excursion.

Trimmed in Kryptek Typhon Camo the Demerbox Db2 will blend in on any outdoor adventure.

The Demerbox DB2 is built to last and has a completely serviceable design with easily replaceable parts, if repairs are needed.

How many things these days are built for repair instead of replacement?

Need to secure your wallet, keys, or phone?  Maybe store a snack or two?  The Demerbox DB2 has plenty of of dry storage to protect your valuable items.

When the party begins, the portable Bluetooth speakers can pair up to six Demerbox DB2 speakers for a totally immersive sound experience.

Get the Kryptek Typhon Camo Demerbox exclusively at BattlBox.

Where to Buy the Demerbox DB2 Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Demer Box DB2 - Kryptek Typhoon Camo Bluetooth Speaker
Demer Box DB2 - Kryptek Typhoon Camo Bluetooth Speaker
Crush Proof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Handbuilt in the USA

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