Desktop Punching Bag Relieves Stress Within Arms Reach


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Forget Stress Balls!  The Desktop Punching Bag Knocks Out Stress In The Early Rounds

Attach the mini desktop punching bag to any surface and punch out your stress any time of day!

Constructed with a durable spring, the free-standing punching bag takes an insane amount of abuse with anything you can muster to throw.

Are You Stressed Out Or Know Someone Who Is?

If you feel like you have to go to the gym and blow off some steam more than you have to be at work, the desktop punching bag is a handy stress reliever to have around.

Stress Relieving Desktop Punching Bag

Let’s face it your boss won’t be letting you off to go to the gym any time soon.  So bring the gym to you!

Now Release The Stress Killing Kraken!

On days where the stress hits over and over again, use the punching bag as a speed bag and hit back before it can hit you again.

Did the boss drop a bomb on you?  Rare back and go for the knock out!

Oh and don’t forget the trash talk! (At a level that won’t get you fired, of course)

The Desktop Punching Bag is a stress ball on steroids.  Once you inflate the punching bag with the included air pump, the mini punching bag will take a beating without every weakening or deflating.

Desktop Punching Bag Relieves Stress

The stress relieving punching bag will spring back after every blow and be ready for the next crisis.

No matter how much stress you go through, you will always have this heavy duty stress reliever at your finger tips.

Kill the daily stressors of life with this punching bag for home or at the office.

Stress Relieving Punching Bag Features

As previously stated, the mini punching bag comes with an included air pump so you don’t have to blow out your lungs like you are inflating a hot water bottle.

Less time blowing up the bag means more time killing your stressors.

The soft pvc leather punching bag sits on top of a heavy duty, long lasting spring.  Adding to its durability is an insanely strong suction cup that will hold its place through any beating.

Where to Buy the Desktop Punching Bag

Stress Reliever Desktop Punching Bag
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Desktop Punching Bag
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