Devil’s Toe Lollipop: A Hellishly Spicy Sucker


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This Devil’s Toe Lollipop is a Frightfully Spicy Sucker That is Molded Like the Devil’s Toe.

The Devil’s Toe Lollipop is made from “hellfire” chili extract, which tastes like it was forged in Hades.  It ain’t exactly the sucker from your granny’s candy jar.

Only the toughest heat brawlers should attempt it, or those who do not care to regret it.

In case you are like me and have an aversion to licking toes, check out our post on the Burn or Bliss Chocolate Bar.

Devil’s Toe Challenge

If you dare to try the Devil’s Toe Lollipop Challenge, place the toe of Satan in your mouth for five minutes.  Once you are done, your mouth will be a flamethrower straight outta Hades because your mouth will feel like a lake of fire.

Get together with your friends and see who can earn the bragging rights of sucking on Satan’s toe.

The only rules are to keep it in your mouth for five minutes and no spitting.

Once the demonic deed is done (it WILL seem like an eternity) and you recover from your trip to the netherworld, you can go around bragging about it to people who will think you are crazy for even trying, much less succeeding.

I would like to try it, but I can’t get past sucking on a toe.

How Hot is the Devil’s Toe Lollipop?

Hell Fire Hot! The Devil’s Toe Lollipop is possibly the hottest candy on earth.  Sourced from Carolina Reapers, the “hellfire” chili extract holds a Scoville score of 9 million.

That is hotter than most pepper spray and 900 times hotter than a jalapeno, four times hotter than the Carolina Reaper alone, and even twice as hot as pepper spray.

The Devil’s Toe sucker won’t just heat your mouth and sting, it will immediately pierce your taste buds like the tip of Satan’s pitchfork.

Warning From the Fiery Abyss

When eating the devil’s toe lollipop, you will seriously feel like you are dancing with the devil.  Keep away from children and pets.

Hopefully, you will have recovered by the time this sucker hits your underworld because you will get to feel it all over again.

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