Disc O Bed Improves Space and Comfort On Outdoor Adventures And More


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Disc O Bed is a Modular Disc Bed System With a Ton of Options

Whether your camping in a tent, with your car, hunting at the cabin, or at home, the Disc O Bed modular disc bed will increase your comfort and save lots of space.  The extreme sleep system can be easily stored and quickly assembled whenever you need it.

The easily modular beds can increase available space in a tent or provide extra sleeping options in your RV.  Set up the versatile sleep system in the form of bunk beds or two single beds.

The Disc O Bed is a must have whether your stopping overnight or setting up base camp for the week.  During the day, the Disc O Bed converts to a comfortable bench to enjoy time with friends and family.

The durable Disc O Bed is military approved and battle tested.  The back-supporting polyester cots combined with rugged steel construction and modular disc system result in a rugged, but comfortable sleep solution, when in rugged terrain.

The modular disc sleep system is so versatile you can even deploy it at home when those unexpected guests arrive and decide they are staying for the weekend.  You’ll even have an instant sleep solution when your kids put you on the spot asking if the neighbor kids can sleep over.

The beds come in many sizes from youth to 2XL and even more colors or patterns.   Simply put, this extreme sleep system offers many options indoors or out, on the road or at home.

Where to Buy the Disc O Bed Modular Sleeping System

Make sleepovers, campouts, and other overnight adventures more fun, comfortable, and practical with the Disc-O-Bedu2122 Kid-O-Bunk Cots. Designed for use as a 2-person bunk or 2 single cots, this system gives parents a portable, compact, and strong
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Disc-O-Bed Xl Cot Bunk Beds
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