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“Doorbell Broken Yell Ding Dong Really Loud” Funny Door Mat


Why replace that old door bell, when you can have the “Doorbell Broken Yell Ding Dong Really Loud” Doormat

Your unsolicited visitors will look like idiots and you can refresh your giggles every time someone comes to your door!

Now, likely you won’t let your wanted visitors yelling Ding Dong, at least not for very long.  But, the door mat makes for great entertainment when census workers, salesmen, occasional religious sects want to visit.

It beats a blunt “Don’t Make Me Be Rude” door mat warning for them to leave because at least we can benefit from their presents, albeit at their expense.

I enjoy it when my daughters date likes to show up.  If it were up to me, there would be hours upon hours of entertainment.  The funny door mat also makes a great gag gift for friends and co-workers.

The Yell Ding Dong Door Mat is 27 inches x 18 inches.  The funny door mat makes a perfect gift for anyone with a sense of humor.  The mat is made in the USA. Made from 100% durable Olefin.  Easy to clean just by hosing down.

Where to Buy the “Doorbell Broken Yell Ding Dong Really Loud” Door Mat

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