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Draft Top Can Opener 2.0 Brings A Whole New Meaning to Pop-A-Top


The Draft Top Can Opener 2.0 Makes Room to Garnish Your Favorite Drink or Pops a Top on Your Favorite Ale for a More Full Flavor Taste.

The Draft Top can opener removes the top of almost any can and provides opportunities never before afforded to can drinkers.   It is specifically designed for safe drinking by not leaving sharp edges and works on nearly all 8-19 oz cans.

Now you can go topless with your favorite Domestic, Imported, or Craft beers.  If you are not a beer drinker, don’t worry, the Draft Top tool can opener will pop the top off of most Spiked Seltzers, Canned Wine, Canned Cocktails, Energy Drinks, Iced Coffee, Soda/Seltzer, and more.

Draft Top Can Opener Enhances Drinking From A Can

When drinking your favorite aluminum brewski, the Draft Top tool opens a wider mouth of the can this enhances two things.

One, the wider mouth provides smoother pouring and less of the frothy beer head.  Two, it, allows you to dip your snout closer while drinking to enjoy the aroma of a great beer.

This boosts the full flavor of your beer and makes it a much more enjoyable drink.Like to brew your own Ale?  Check out our post on this quality Bottle Capper!

More Draft Top Can Opener Benefits

There are benefits to using the Draft Top can opener that change can drinking forever.  You can amp your flavor by capping a citrus on the edge of your beer or decorate your preferred cocktail.

Freeze your favorite summer drink as slushy or mix flavors into your canned drinks.  You can even use the cans as planters when your done!

The Draft Top 2.0 tool makes a great bar gift, office gift, or a gift to anyone who enjoys a cold drink out of a can.

Where to Buy the Draft Top Can Opener 2.0

The Draft Top Tool
The Draft Top Tool
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