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Drama Mayhem Card Game: A Wild Scenario Adult Game Transforming Game Night Forever

This Drama Mayhem Card Game is the Adult Only version with Wild Scenarios that is Perfect for Drama Lovers.

The Drama Mayhem card game is an outrageously hysterical roleplay game for players who love to stoke the drama flames.  You and your fellow board game enthusiasts act out hilarious improv roleplays guided by 60 wild scenario cards and 60 crazy quirk cards.

The card content of the Drama Mayhem Adult Version will stretch your grey matter, make you blush, and laugh uncontrollably, as each player acts out bizarre scenarios like a grandma with a case of the Thunder from Down Under that just killed her pet hamster.

The Drama Mayhem card game can be enjoyed by up to 12 board game aficionados that want to amp up game night to the next level.

Between the 120 cards that make up the Drama Mayhem card game there are millions of scenarios that can be acted out at the cost of other players reputations.

In case you run out of scenarios, Drama Mahem provides blank card expansion kit of 40 cards to make your own scenarios and really turn the heat up.  Just grab a marker, channel your creative revenge and turn up the heat on your fellow players.For funny antics around the office, don’t forget to check out our post on Cubicle Warfare: 101 Office Traps and Pranks!

How To Play The Drama Mayhem Card Game

Drama Mayhem begins with the group of players picking a person to be the judge of the roleplays.  Once the judge has been selected, that person will read a scenario and pick two role players to act out the scenario.   Prior to acting out the roles the 2 players will pick a quirk card to add some zest to the scenario.

Players have one minute to sell the judge on their improv.  The person who does the best job keeps the card and gets one point.  You can choose to play for minutes or hours and is guaranteed to gut busting laughter and loads of fun to any party, mixer, or game night!

Where to Buy the Drama Mayhem Card Game Adult Version

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Drama Mayhem Card Game - Adult Version
Drama Mayhem Card Game - Adult Version
$19.99 $29.99

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