Dual Mirror Dash Cam With 360° Full HD Coverage


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The Akeeyo Dual Mirror Dash Cam Takes the Stress Out of Driving With One Swipe or Click!

In a world of constant distractions, driving around in a car without a dashcam is like driving blindfolded in a crash derby.

You’re almost completely at the mercy of other drivers and you have no way of protecting yourself against their recklessness.

Not to mention the distractions in your own backseat over who is touching who.

It’s dangerous to drive when you can’t see what’s around you. Single view dash cams only show your one angle, so they’re not enough to keep you safe on the road.

You need a dash cam that lets you see everything around you, as well as, in your vehicle at all times with one swipe or click.

The Akeeyo 360° Dual Mirror Dash Cam provides a panoramic view of the entire vehicle environment.

Akeeyo Dual Mirror Dash Cam

Whether you are in a car, truck, or van, you can easily view front, rear, or side collisions, and resolve disputes in your car.

Dash Cam Touch Screen Control

In addition to full view security, your display is in Full 1920P HD on a 12″ rearview mirror where you can control driving vision and screen brightness.

Akeeyo Dual Mirror Dash Cam Touch Control

Easily switch between display modes to according to your needs with one touch.

Akeeyo Mirror Dash Cam Display Modes

You can even drive with the mirror turned off while still recording in case you need documentation of accidents.

Blind Spot Coverage

Blind spots are dangerous no matter where or what you are driving. 

By mounting the blind spot cameras to any side mirror you will easily and safely identify any motorcycle, small car or pedestrian that gets in your way.

When reversing, the rear view camera displays guidelines to help you get into those parking spaces.  One slide down gets you a lower and closer view of any obstacles.

Dash Cam Sensors

Built-in G-Sensors record and automatically locks footage when impact is detected to protect your most valuable footage from overwriting.

Motion sensors let you sleep at night with 24 hour vehicle security.  When your dash cam senses motion it will automatically record intruders.

Akeeyo Mirror Dash Cam Motion Sensor


The Akeeyo Dual Mirror Dash Cam is compatible with most 12V or 24V vehicles on the road from smart cars to commercial vehicles.

The Sony Starvis processor is equipped with night vision to ensure Hi Res recording even in low light.

Akeeyo Dual Mirror Dash Cam Night Vision

Where to buy the Akeeyo 360° Dual Mirror Dash Cam

Akeeyo Dual Mirror Dash Cam
Akeeyo Dual Mirror Dash Cam
360° Mirror Dashcam with 11” IPS Touch Screen, Backup/Side Camera, Parking Assist, Loop Recording, G-Sensor

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