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Dutch Oven Fart Blanket Kit Bakes Up Fun Between Booty Belchers


The Dutch Oven Fart Blanket Kit is the Perfect Gift for the Cheese Cutters in your Life

The Dutch Oven Fart Blanket Kit has many accessories the main one being the Dutch Oven blanket with your choice of colors; Tactical Green, Covered Wagon (Sand), Celadon Steamer (Seafoam Green), Cracked Rat (Gray).

The Dutch Oven Fart Blankets are 100% soft microfiber fleece and come in 60″x 80″.  What’s more are the great accouterments you get with the kit.

Also included in the kit is an adult diaper, an air freshener, a clothes pin for your nose, and a pack of Shart Wipes for the wind breakers that leave some evidence behind after the bum burp.

You’ll also get a recipe card with detailed instructions telling you how to pull of 4 versions of the dutch oven fart prank.  Become a an expert and tooter others on how to do it as well.

The Dutch Oven Fart recipes include The Classic Dutch Oven, The Creeper, The Fart Fortress, and The Screamin’ Eagle.

Origin of the Dutch Oven Fart

It is believed the Dutch Oven Fart was originally coined in a 1974 National Lampoon magazine describing a prank where one brother farts and then throws the blanket over the head of his younger brother.

Why is it Called a Dutch Oven Fart

For those uninitiated, once the cheese cutter shoots the fairy, you cover your bed mate in the blanket and seal the edges leaving them to cook in their own, or your flatus.

If you weren’t already, now that you are educated on the art of the Dutch Oven you can go colin bowlin’ with the best of them or give the Dutch Oven Fart Blanket Kit to your most admired Professor Phardtpounder.

Where to Buy the Dutch Oven Fart Blanket Kit

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