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Beam New Photos Through Instant Picture Sharing To Your Loved Ones With This Wifi Picture Frame.

The 10" electronic picture frame by Skylight keeps your loved ones up to date on the events of your life.  Believe it or not, as we age technology and life can leave us behind.  Social media and texting becomes less reliable.  Don't let that stop you from instantly sharing photos with your elder loved ones.  You will bring an instant smile to their face when you upload new photos to their picture frame using any computer or smartphone from anywhere in the world.  Share you kids playing, an event they may have not been able to attend, or vacation photos instantaneously.

Unlike most digital photo frames that suck, the electronic picture frame by Skylight is ready to receive photos in three easy steps.  Just connect the Skylight to a power source.  Tap the screen to connect to any WiFi.  Send your photos to the unique Skylight email address and, in seconds, your loved ones will be enjoying your life event along with you.  In addition, the Skylight guarantees 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Here is the review voted most helpful:

"I ordered this product as a gift for my mom. She had seen it at her friend’s house and has been dying to get it. I have to say, Skylight did not disappoint! She LOVES IT! It was super easy to set up and send photos to. My mom placed it in her living room and I send her photos of the kids all the time!! The photos immediately pop up on her frame and she’s able to let me know that she likes the photos by tapping the heart. Thank you Skylight for allowing my mom to easily see photos of her grandkids!!" - Tina M.


Other than social media, how do you keep your extended family up to date on the happenings in your home and on vacation?

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