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These 8 Emoji Bobblehead Dolls Are Truly Hilarious


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These Hilarious Emoji Bobblehead Dolls are Great for the Home, Office, or on the Road!

This set of emoji bobblehead dolls includes 8 different emoji faces include the most popular emoji expressions such as,  emoji sunglasses, emoji smiley face, emoji grin.  Each bobblehead doll is approximately 3 inches tall.  They make great party favors or just to have on a long day at the office or on your drive home.  Kids will play with them for hours.

These emoji bobbleheads make great white elephant gifts, kids birthday party favors, or just to have fun for someone of any age.  If 8 emoji bobblehead dolls aren’t enough you can also get them in a 12 pack by clicking here.

Here is what one fan had to say about the bouncing emoticons:

“Cute and Unique. We like these Bobble Heads very much. They are so cute and unique. Put 2 in the car, put 2 in the bedroom, put 2 in the drawing room, and spare 2 for my children.” – Bo Wang

Where to Buy the Emoji Bobblehead Dolls

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