Ergon Band Ergonomic Watch Band Renders “Wrist Watches” Obsolete


The Ergon Band is an Ergonomic Watch Band that Keeps Your Watch in Your Line of Site

The Ergon Band is a handmade watch band that places the face of your smartwatch, classic watch, tactical watch, or sports watch in the optimum viewing angle anytime you need it.  From now on you can monitor the time, your stats, or metrics in an instant with one glance without having to twist your wrist.

Yes, times they are a changin’.  The Ergon Band brings us one step closer to swiping your hand in front of your face to view a hologram of all your data.  We aren’t quite there yet, but, this trend setting watch strap certainly gets us one step closer.

This ergonomic watchband is designed to have your watch face on your hand between your thumb and your forefinger.  Regardless of your activity, any data desired is at the ready right in front of you.

The versatility of the Ergon Band lets you access your data when driving, working out, skiing, or working at your desk.  It doesn’t even matter whether your are wearing gloves or your barehanded, Ergon Band is just as useful and comfortable.

No matter how you pitch it, at first, it seems to be an odd way to wear a trendy timepiece, but, it’s a simple idea that once thought about is quite innovative and has many applications.  At least that is what the backers of this product think on Kickstarter.

The Canandian makers have raised 20X their goal to bring this product to life.  Early offers are running out. So, you have a limited time to take advantage of the early savings of up to 35% by pre-ordering your ingenius watchband that will ship free anywhere in the world.

Where to Buy the Ergon Band Ergonomic Watch Band

Ergoband Ergonomic Watch Band
Ergoband Ergonomic Watch Band
$129.00 $199.00

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