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Expandable Cat Backpack Carrier Is Freedom For Felines


Carry Your Feline Friends in this Expandable Cat Backpack Carrier  that Gives Plenty of Room and a Full View On-The-Go

The transparent expandable Cat Backpack Carrier increases visual room with the space-capsule-like clear hard shell bubble and expands to give your pet a place to lay down when you need a break!

The expandable Cat Backpack Carrier  has three options of an expandable back, expandable back with fan, or expandable front and back to make plenty of room for your small pet to rest or play.

Vent holes allow for air circulation in the Cat Backpack Carrier that expands to an awesome pet tent for camping.

The backpack weighs in at 3lbs and is great for any pet 1-12 lbs.  It is scratch and super wear resistant.  There is even a side access door for when you want to let your pet roam.

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  1. I love this my kitten took a liking to it real quick I let her just explore it before I carried her in the backpack part but its so convenient I don’t have to haul around her big kennel compared to this ,had to clean it with soap and water to get rid of that new smell and sprayed a tad catnip. She loves going into it

  2. I love this!! It just needs to be a bit more sturdy. The sides do not stay up right but it’s ok. I also added a small round Cushion so he sleeps inside warm and cozy! My cat loves it and it’s so comfy to travel with. Recommend for sure!

  3. What a wonderful back pack! When we are not hiking we leave it on the corner of my bed and our cat plays in it and sleeps in it. When traveling in our RV she sits in it while driving. It is her safe place. We have made 3 short hikes and she tolerates it well with very little complaining. When we take a break we just unzip the back so she can stretch out. You need to make sure the zippers are on the bottom side because she can open the zipper it they are on top.

  4. The cat likes itHe’s been places now and he wants to go to more.Recommend to anyone with a cat

  5. With our previous cats we used a pretty standard soft carrier that was well reviewed (including by us) until one day we brought the cat home from the vet and the strap just fell apart with kitty in the carrier. No signs of wear, minimal use, etc. Was pretty upsetting but luckily that was our tough kitty, not the one who had cancer and a feeding tube at the time. Made us switch so fast. We then went to a plastic carrier, but honestly even with blankets the cats weren’t fans. With our current cats I actively sought this style out as I’ve seen it and was curious.First animal services loved it. When we picked up our kitty from them, they were gushing over how cool it is. And they were gushing for a reason. If your cat is friendly and not very anxious, you can leave it as is. Besides the clear dome, the mesh sides and airholes also give them places to watch the world from. If they’re anxious, cover it as you would any other carrier. Easy to carry as both a backpack and by the carrying strap and the top of the carrier.We leave it open on our floor and one of our kitties has taken to sleeping in the dome section. If we ever need to travel with both cats, I think we may buy a second carrier. Our second cat is more anxious than the first, so for her we’ll probably go with the same brand but the other style with the smaller dome for more hiding ability for her.

  6.  So I purchased this particular bubble backpack for several reasons. First reason is I wanted my 10 month old kitten (Tempest) to be able to see all around him. Instead of just a little window. Second reason is that the back of the backpack expands out for more room. I wanted to wait until I was able to really test it out before leaving a review. The color of the backpack matches my boy’s harness and leash (as I am trying to keep stuff color coordinated) and is a beautiful color. It very closely matches the pictures. The price is amazing for the sturdiness and durability of it as well….When it first arrived my kitten immediately came up to it and crawled into it. Everytime I take it out he runs up and goes into it. The first week or two I only walked around the house with him as he is young and doesn’t know what it is. That and the fact it is currently winter and was an average of -15°. Well today Tempest got his first real trip in it!! I went for a walk to a near by lake and had him in his little vest and leash. He cried for most of the way there, but my younger sister walked behind to comfort him. The video I attached shows how comforting he finds his backpack to be as well as how comfortable he is inside it. He stayed quite warm in it as well. He even napped in it on our way back! When we did get back he kept following me around and looking for it as he wanted to go back out.All in all the comfort of wearing it myself (with the little stinker moving around) was very pleasant. The back of the carrier is cushioned so it feels better for it moving around. The straps are thick and padded as well and has a chest buckle (another reason why I purchased this one), which I find very helpful and supportive. The backpack withstood a lot of snow and the held up great with my kitten inside for the hour walk. I definitely reccomend this if you are looking for something to take your little one out in!!!

  7. We are car-free, so getting the cats to the vet was a bit of a challenge. While our transit system does allow carriers on the bus, I’d rather not take an animal on transit if I can avoid it, and walking with a cat/traditional carrier a couple miles is harder that you might think. My traditional carrier is too big to bungee to my rear bike rack, and I don’t have a trailer. I bought this thinking I’d probably have to return it, but it works really well! I was so surprised. One of my cats asked for rides in it now. The other two don’t like it, but it still gets the job done. With a large male adult cat, the weight on the shoulder straps starts to pinch shoulder nerves. I’m a 5’9” active female, so I’d prefer hip-weight distribution, but for a 10 minute bike ride, it’s fine. For the kitten, I didn’t even notice her after an hour. So, short trips or lightweight cats? Your gold. Much more than that, you might prefer a trailer.

  8. I used it to carry around a 5-7 pound puppy. He’s starting to outgrow it but it’s been great. I’d be cautious about using it in heat and bright sun because the clear bubble would create a hothouse effect. It’s great for winter, fall, or spring providing sufficient ventilation and a view. The puppy was happier being able to see be it in the car or out and about. The clear bubble is fairly easy to scratch so handle it with care. It holds up fine to the puppy’s nails but concrete or other hard abrasive surfaces will leave permanent scratches. Cleaning stains off the textured surface isn’t easy. You can wrap a wee pad on the removable insert.

  9. We placed it on the floor to let Lucy get used to it and she loves it!

  10. Very comfortable to wear and safe for my little kitty!

  11. This is an amazing product, kind of bought it on a hunch that it would be all right to take the cat out once in awhile. Surprisingly enough as soon as we got the package and opened it the cat was inside huddled laying in it, and was really excited to use it. All in all it is actually a really great product our cat loves to go in it she doesn’t stay in it for long periods of time as it does get overwhelming but again for what it is it’s awesome. 🙏

  12. My cats all love this bag! I leave the side cubby unzipped and they all go in and out of it constantly, aswell as sleep in it when the tent bit is accessable! I took my one boy on a walk with it today and he had a great time ☺️

  13. We’ve been using this bag for almost 4 months now and my cat loves it from day one! He loves sleeping inside the bag even at home. Sometimes I leave it beside the door and when he sees me leaving, he would just go inside, sit and look at me, wanting to come with me ☺️I am extremely happy with this purchase. It is really good quality with a perfect design. I would definitely recommend it!

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