EyeRide HUD : Heads Up Display For Motorcycle Helmets


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EyeRide HUD Motorcycle Heads Up Display is Hands-Free and Navigated by Voice Command

EyeRide HUD keeps you focused on the road while displaying Google maps on a transparent screen to get you where your going.  A directional microphone keeps you connected to other drivers, while the 99db flat speakers powerfully blast your favorite tunes.

The EyeRide HUD is operated by the smallest Sony OLED nanotechnology that provides 3x the better image than your iPhone screen.  That means better brightness, transparency, and crisper colors.  The brightness can be adjusted for personal preference.

The custom helmet does not ship to the US with the heads-up display unit because it does not meet US safety standards.  However, the EyeRide HUD can be mounted on any helmet and easily installs in two minutes.

You can even wear your glasses while you ride and monitor your heads-up display.

A small Bluetooth 5.0 button can be mounted anywhere on your bike that is comfortable to activate voice commands or change music from any apps.  All apps from Android Auto and Apple Carplay are compatible, however, distractive phone apps will be blocked.

The EyeRide Heads Up Display Unit is certified for safety regulations in the US, Canada, and the EU.  Pre-orders are being taken on the EyeRide Kickstarter page.

With plans to start shipping in July 2020.  Take advantage of the Early Bird Deals while they last!

Where to Buy the EyeRide HUD

Eyeride Hud Motorcycle Helmet Heads Up Display
EyeRide HUD Motorcycle Helmet Heads Up Display
$291.00 $400.00

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