Cob of Popcorn Pops Delicious Popcorn Right Off Of The Cob


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his Farmer’s Cob of Popcorn is a Unique and Fun Way to Eat One of the Most Popular Snacks in the World!

If you or anyone you know likes popcorn, you will love this fresh, big cob of popcorn.  Simply put the entire cob into the bag and microwave it.

The popcorn will pop off of the corn cob into the back and you will have a farm-fresh batch of America’s favorite snack food.

Cob Of Popcorn

Why do you need Popcorn on the Cob?

Well, technically you don’t.  You could just toss a bag of traditional popcorn in the microwave and have the same old snack.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why not just toss a fresh corn cob covered in a bag and do the same thing!”

I thought the same thing until I did some research.

Although these farmer’s popcorn cobs appear to be just another cob of corn, they are far from it.

The microwavable popcorn is planted in the springtime in Southern Indiana just like traditional sweet corn.

The cornfields even look the same.

However, when the corn begins to ripen, the corn cobs start to look different, in part due to the smaller kernels.

Cob Of Popcorn

These popcorn kernels are the best-behaved and most wonderfully corny-tasting popcorn kernels in existence because they don’t come off the cob until they are popped.

Flavor the corn with your favorite butter or salt, put it in one of the paper bags provided, fold shut, and microwave it like you would any other bag of popcorn.

90-95% of the cobs popcorn will fall off of the cob when popped, but the kids (and maybe an adult…wink, wink) will have a huge amount of fun eating the rest of the popcorn off of the cob!

No need to rush gobbling it all up either; each order comes with 10 cobs for everyone to enjoy.

Where to Buy Farmer’s Popcorn Cobs

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