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Farmer’s Popcorn Cobs Pop Fresh Delicious Popcorn Right Off Of The Cob


Farmer’s Popcorn Cobs are a Unique and Fun Way to Eat One of the Most Popular Snacks in the World!

If you or anyone you know likes popcorn, you will love these fresh, non-GMO Farmer’s Popcorn Cobs.  Simply put the entire cob into the bag and microwave it.

The popcorn will pop off of the corn into the back and you will have a farm fresh batch of America’s favorite snack food.

Why do you need Farmer’s Popcorn Cobs?

Well, technically you don’t.  You could just toss a bag of the traditional popcorn in the microwave and just have the same ole snack.

Now, you might be telling yourself, “I will just toss a fresh corn cob covered in a bag and do the same thing!”  I thought the same thing until I did some research.

Although Farmer’s Popcorn Cobs appear to be just another cob of corn, they are far from it.  The popcorn is planted in the Kansas spring, same as traditional or sweet corn.  The corn fields even look the same.

However, when the corn begins to ripen, popcorn cobs start to look different, in part, due to the smaller kernels.  The all natural popcorn cobs are then dried and readied for sale.

Each Farmer’s Popcorn cob produces 4-6 cups of popcorn the way it was meant to be eaten.  There are no flavors or preservatives added, so there is plenty of room for your own butter and salt.

90-95% of the corn will fall off of the cob when popped, but the kids (and maybe an adult…wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Know what I mean aye?..) will have huge fun eating the rest of the popcorn off of the cob!

No need to rush gobbling it all up either, Farmer’s Popcorn Cobs have a shelf life of 9-12 months, even without the preservatives!

Where to Buy Farmer’s Popcorn Cobs

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