Feel Doppel Wristbands Are Proven To Calm, Focus, Or Energize You


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Feel Doppel Wristbands Could be the Key To a More Calm, Focused Or Energized You.

The Doppel wristband is revolutionary wearable but does not come with needless sensors, software, or accelerometers.  Better yet, this unique mood-enhancing wristband transmits vibrations to assist in improving your mood.

Smartwatches have evolved to the point you can make calls, track your fitness, send messages, and even facetime.  The one thing they can’t do is enhance performance by naturally making you feel more alert or relaxed like Doppel Wristbands.

Doppel Wristbands come in two colors black and white.  Both the straight and taper options come with a streamlined design for all-day comfort.

How Do Doppel Wristbands Work

The focus wristband is a completely instinctive wristlet that allows you to adjust to the ever-changing pace of life.  The Doppel wristbands work much like listening to your favorite music.

When you want to get pumped up in the gym, you may crank the hard rock to get motivated.  To relax in a spa you may want something more like zen music.  Our bodies react to these rhythms much like they do with doppel.

Doppel wristbands have a centrifugal inner configuration that transmits these same types of rhythm to your body, effecting your heartbeat and breathing.  The mood altering wristbands are designed to be discreet and not feel like technology at all.

There are no blue screens or buttons, just a natural feeling wristband with intuitive interactions that fit seamlessly with your life in any situation.

Download the Doppel app to your Android or iPhone and pair your wristband to your phone.  Then, sync your resting heart rate with the doppel wristband by placing your index finger over the camera lens of your phone.

Once the vibrating wristband has been synced you can save your desired heart rates focus, workout, chill out, sleep, or be very alert.  To fine-tune the device to your personal preferences, you can adjust each mode individually.

If you want to use your Doppel as a calming device, use the My Rhythms tab to select “Calm and Relaxed.”

Do you have a big speech or presentation to give and you are a little nervous?  The Doppel wristband has you covered.  Select the “Calm and Focused” tab to get you through it.

Once you have set your desired mood you can make minor adjustments to the vibration frequencies to one that fits you best.  By stroking the curved ridge on the Doppel’s face you can slow the vibration frequency down.

Firmly squeeze the face to kick the frequency into high gear.  By twisting the dial, you can adjust how intense the vibrations are.

Whether you want to use the Doppel as an anxiety wristband, a stress wristband, or simply a calming device, the Doppel is versatile enough to accomplish these tasks and more.

Does the Doppel Wristband Really Work?

Research has been published that supports these rhythmic vibrations’ ability to alter moods when worn on the inside of the wrist.  Two groups of participants were at comparable levels of arousal and anxiety.

Participants with an active Doppel showed a significantly smaller increase in arousal compared to the control group.  You can read the research publication HERE.

Reviewing customers have stated that the Doppel wristbands lower their anxiety, and allow them to stay calm and focused before meetings or conference calls.  They report being energized earlier in the morning and increased productivity throughout their day.

When worn often many reports that you do not even notice the vibrations after a while.

There are several reasons to get one of these Doppel wristbands.  Everyone knows someone who is stressed, anxious, or needs more focus or energy.  Maybe that someone is you!

Where to Buy the Doppel Wristbands

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