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Blow Poke Fireplace Tool Brings The Fire Back

This Fire Blow Poke Lets you Keep Your Eyebrows and Facial Hair Intact!

The powder coated FireDragon Blow Poke fire tool is the best fire stoker to keep the fire burning from a safe distance. With the length of the blow tube, you can easily and safely get the flames back.

What is a Blow Poke?

You may never have heard of it before no fault of yours.  It is not a common fireplace accessory.

The fireplace Blow Poke is similar to a fire iron or poker.  Typically fire irons are made of solid metal and come in the form of metal rods with a forked end.  A blow poke differs from a fire iron in that the metal rod is hollow.

This allows you to softly blow through the rod from the brass mouthpiece at a safe distance.  This airflow directs oxygen to the fire h feeding the embers back to open flames.

No more stuffing toxic items into your fireplace to rev it back up.  You no longer have to burn your fingers or blow firefly embers all over your living room with your face inches from pending harm.

The three foot poker allows you to inject air right where you need from a comfortable and safe distance.

With this innovative fire poker, you can instantly breathe life back into campfires, chimneys, fire pits or BBQs and move or stoke the logs or charcoal with the extended prongs.

The stylish fire poker makes a great gift for any occasion to friends or family.  Don’t forget to add these 26″ fire log tongs to add fuel to your fire conjuring abilities.  Your purchase options for the Fire Dragon Blow Poke can be found below.

Where to Buy the FireDragon Blow Poke Fireplace Tool

Fire Dragon Blow Poke
Fire Dragon Blow Poke
$39.99 $43.99

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