Fishing Survival Kit To Hook A Panfish In A Pinch


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The Pocket Reel Fishing Survival Kit Is The Most Reliable Fishing Kit To Catch Food in a Snag

The Pocket Reel fishing kit is a durable waterproof kit for use when camping, during a canoe trip, or to toss in your glove box or go bag for use in emergencies.

The thick plastic casing allows for use and abuse without damage. 

The all-in-one fishing kit will hold its form when stepped on and float when dropped in water, unlike that used soda can wrapped in a fishing line.

The fishing kit is a rock-solid and lightweight addition to your survival kit or camping gear that includes all you NEED to toss into your bag or backpack and forget about it until you need it.

The featherweight kit and its contents weigh a total of 2.5 oz and come in a space-saving tube of 5″ x 1″.

What is Included in the Fishing Survival Kit?

Keep in mind that the survival fishing kit is designed for the survivalist surf caster, not a sportsman fishing for Bonefish in the Everglades.

With that in mind, the fishing kit has all you need to catch what is needed an get it on a pan over the fire.

  • 4 #8 Fishing Hooks
  • 4 Sinkers
  • 5ml Plastic Vial for Hook/Sinker Storage
  • Knot Guide with Directions
  • 60′ Spool of 12lb Extra Fishing Line
  • 60′ 12lb Fishing Line on the Kit (120′ total, 60 on the kit and 60 on a spool inside the kit)
  • Jumbo Test Tube Bottle Preform Which Acts as a Storage Tube and Reel
  • 2 Spinner Lures
  • Bobber
  • Crappie/Panfish Jig

Fishing Survival Kit To Hook A Panfish In A Pinch

How to use the Pocket Reel Fishing Survival Kit

The Pocket Reel is extremely simple to use, which makes it one of, if not, the best fishing survival kit available.

  1. To open, remove the heavy duty ranger band rubber cover on the end of the tube.
  2. Tie on your preferred lure or bait a hook and attach the bobber.
  3. Wrap the lanyard over your hand for a secure grip when casting.
  4. To cast, place your thumb over the fishing line and cast as if you were skipping a rock over the water.  At the end of your swing, raise your thumb and the line will cast.
  5. Now just hold onto the line and reel. Once you have a hooker, wrap the line around the tube and reel in your next meal.

The survival fishing kit is much like regular fishing with minimalist equipment.  You can use weights or spinner lures to practice casting until you get the hang of it.

Why are Fishing Survival Kits so Popular?

One reason why these high quality fishing kits are so popular is their versatility.  The highly functional kits can be used on any adventure or roadside stop at a creek, river, or lake.

Fishing Survival Kit To Hook A Panfish In A Pinch

Most importantly, they can be used to get vital nutrition during emergencies, when the tribes of the concrete jungle are starving because their are no more stores to loot.

The fishing kits are also cheap, easy to maintain, and small enough to pack or store virtually anywhere, even your pocket.

Where to Buy the Pocket Reel Fishing Survival Kit

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