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The Flaming Biker Chick Beer Can Chicken Stand Is Epic


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The Flaming Biker Chick Beer Can Chicken Stand is a Unique Display on Any Grill

Beer can chicken stands are understood to have started on the hot grates of the Bayou in Louisiana.  

Now motorcycle enthusiasts across the world can enjoy the grilling favorite at home or on the road with the Flaming Biker Chick Beer Can Chicken Stand.

Each motorcycle chicken stand comes complete with a stainless steel silhouette of a motorcycle and sunglasses so your chicken will be the coolest bird on any grill in your neighborhood.

Flaming Biker Chick Beer Can Chicken Stand

Each chicken motorcycle stand is designed with blown flames on the body and skull and bones for the wheels.

The Flaming Biker Chick chicken stand is perfect for any backyard barbecue, parties, holiday occasion, or for any person you just don’t know get them.

But be forewarned when you invite your friends over, your bird may bring some uninvited guests to the party.

Motorcyle Beer Can Chicken Stand

The rebel “Free Bird” chicken motorcycles are made by Tom’s Ridickulous Things and they have a few other designs as you can see above.

Tom’s patriotic chicken stands come in ‘Merica Biker Chick Chicken Stand and for our Canadian friends the La Canuck Chicken Stand.

If you want to display how chickens are made, Tom’s chicken stands also come in the Rooster Love version.

Rooster Love Beer Can Chicken

Just make sure you have the birds and the bees talk with any young ones around before you do.

Whether your on the road to Sturgis or going to grill while camping, the chicken stand can be folded flat and put it in your saddle bag before you hit the open road.

When you arrive at your destination, the biker chicken stand is easy to assemble and quickly get to grilling.

Where to Buy the Biker Beer Can Chicken Stand With Flames

The Flaming Chick Beer Can Chicken Stand
The Flaming Chick Beer Can Chicken Stand
$13.60 $27.99

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