Flexible Tablet Stand


Flexible Tablet Spider Stand For Bed, Sofa, Or Chair

The Flexible Tablet Spider Stand makes relaxing use of your mobile devices.

The universal design of the flexible tablet stand can adjust to fit virtually any iPad, Galaxy, Surface, or any other tablet.  The unique spider legs secure safe use on any surface, no matter how uneven.  The hands free design allows you to stretch, relax, and enjoy movies, reading, or video calls with ease.  The flexible tablet holder enhances your tablet experience in the places you use it the most.  So now get you one for yourself and do a Netflix chill night diving into your latest binge series.

Here is what one verified purchaser of the Flexible Tablet Spider Stand had to say:

"This is exactly what I needed! And apparently everyone else in my home now too! All the other tablet stands we have purchased were so rigid, cheap or were only good in one or two positions! This one can form to any position I'd like it too it's so flexible, yet very stable, it will stay where you finally get it perfectly adjusted to be! The base that holds the tablet can be angled along with the legs as well that was when I started to proclaim its true awesomeness. It does take a few tries to "mold" it right where u want it though due to so many moving parts to adjust. And I thought I should add that I did buy this with my own money for full price." - Design Diva

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