FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe by AquaVault


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Need a Place to Keep Your Valuables On-The-Go?

The FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe by Aquavault is a personal anti-theft safe bag that secures your possessions from criminals by locking them onto stationary objects.

The travel safe is AquaVault’s most secure portable safe. The FlexSafe is a portable lockbox that protects your phone, wallet, money, and other valuables from would-be criminals.

Flexsafe bags are designed as a theft deterrent through ultra slash-proof material and strapping, provide RFID blocking for credit and bank cards, and water-resistant capability for electronic devices.

Flexsafe Portable Travel Safe By Aquavault

It locks on practically any fixed object thanks to the integrated locking flap.

FlexSafe portable safes also have compartments and straps on the outside for misplaced things like sunscreen or sunglasses.

Once you have all of your valuables in the Aquavault FlexSafe set the reprogrammable 3-digit combination lock and you’re set to hit the water, go biking, hiking, or simply walk away for a while.

The small portable safe is flexible and simple to stick in even the smallest of luggage to easily take it everywhere you go.

Flexsafe Portable Travel Safe By Aquavault

The Aquavault FlexSafe portable safe works perfect on beach chairs or umbrellas, bikes, strollers hospital beds, and more.

Flexsafe Portable Travel Safe By Aquavault

The portable safe box is the ideal traveling safe, with an inside zipper compartment, a universal-fit locking cover, mesh pockets, a carrying handle, a programmed lock, and a magnetic closing.

If the FlexSafe is still too large for your liking, check out the FlexSafe Mini which is even more compact and convenient.

Once you purchase your FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe by Aquavault, simply register it with your email address and never lose your combination again.

Choose your preferred color between Black, Blue, or Gray.

When you see how easy it is to connect to a strong fixture and lock, this portable travel safe will save you time and trouble.

Flexsafe Portable Travel Safe By Aquavault

You no longer have to be concerned about thieves stealing your exposed valuables regardless if you’re off to college, on a cruise, shopping, or at your favorite theme park.

Where to Buy the FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe By Aquavault

Flexsafe Portable Travel Safe By Aquavault
FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe by AquaVault
Where do you put your valuables when you go for a swim?

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