Floating Avatar Mountain Rocks For Fish Tank


The Floating Avatar Mountain Rocks make a beautiful and eco-friendly decoration for any fish tank and aquarium. Pumice surface has many holes that absorb harmful bacteria and heavy metals in the water. The floating mountain rocks are conducive to climbing plants. The plants can dissolve minerals, not only leading to the growth of fish, but also provides fertilizer for other plants.   The floating Avatar mountain rocks make a perfect gift for anyone who wants to transform their fish tank into a magical ecosystem.

Here is what one promising review had to say:

"4.5 / 5 Adds nice aesthetic to my fish tank Looks nice, none of my frogs actually use it though. And TBH the strings get in the way and can be annoying when cleaning the tank or moving decor. Overall the medium sized rock is a good size and no complaints. Looks really nice also!" - Rickesh

"I love these rocks! I ordered the small and medium size. I have a 37 gallon planted tank and they were perfect. They blended in well with the natural look. They also have algae on them now and look very realistic." - Jill


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