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Floating Bonsai Tree


The only way to make a Bonsai Tree cooler is to make it float!

The floating Bonsai tree from Air Bonsai uses magnets to make it levitate.  The creative plant establishes a shock value to almost any decor in the office, home, bar, or coffee shop.

The Air Bonsai kit comes complete with a moss ball, where the plant of your choosing will grow from.  You read that right.  It does not have to be a floating Bonsai tree.  It can be a floating any plant you want kit.

Your kit will also come with a base that contains the floating mechanism in a traditional Japanese gift box.

Where to Buy the Air Bonsai Floating Bonsai Tree

Air Bonsai Floating Bonsai Tree
Air Bonsai Floating Bonsai Tree

Here is what one helpful reviewer had to say:

“Simply amazing product. I bought this for my office and instead of putting a bonsai within, I decided on a Tillandsia (air plant) because they don’t need soil. Though it took a short while to figure out where the sweet spot was for placement, once you get the knack of it (keep three fingers cupped on the bottom of the pot to protect it from being pulled too hard down to the base – very important!) you can take off and put back on super quickly and easily. It’s a show stopper…” – d_w_b

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