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Flying Butterfly Will Spook Your Mother or Sister


Surprise and delight Mom with an Flying Butterfly in her Card on Mother’s Day!

Your recipient will jump out of their seat and have a good laugh when a magic flying butterfly suddenly flies out toward them from a card, book, or gift.

The rubber band powered flying butterfly flaps around for approximately 2 seconds and up to twenty feet.  So, rotate the band tight then slide it into the card, book, or gift for maximum effect.

The rubber band spins the paper wings rapidly powering the butterfly up in the air.  If you are one to pull pranks to show your love, the escaping butterfly is the perfect accessory to go along with your Mother’s Day gift.

The Flying Butterfly is not just fro Mother’s Day.  It can be used to accent any gift at any time.  Some use multiple escaping butterflies for weddings.

Instead of throwing perfectly edible rice toward those who will only spit it out and pick it out of their hair, surprise them with a visual of these flying butterflies that will take flight.

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