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Flynova Pro Boomerang Spinner Is An Alluring Aerial Acrobat


Flynova Pro Boomerang Spinner is a Boundless Propeller-Powered Acrobatic Spinner that floats, glides, and flies Back To You On Command.

The Flynova Pro Boomerang Spinner has three mesmerizing lights that transforms it into an illuminated flying orb.  The aerial orb will float above your hand, you can toss the orb between two friends, or and flies extremely high before floating back you you.

The Flynova Pro Boomerang Spinner’s “magic” controller is where, you guessed it, the magic happens.  Adding the magic controller, provides a whole new level of acrobatic tricks through use of an infrared sensor and target-seeking magnet.   Launch the Flynova Boomerang Spinner from the control as a launch pad and watch it soar up to 49 feet in the air.

Create your own stunts and maneuvers, practice your skill, then show off your tricks with or without the controller.  The Flynova Pro Boomerang Spinner does have one limitation, if you let it, your imagination.

The Flynova Pro Boomerang Spinner is the latest innovation in Flynova’s aerial toys and can be found on their Indiegogo crowdfunding page at the time of this post.  If you want their latest spinner to hit the market, you can find the Flynova Flying Spinner on Amazon.  They have a reputable history with crowdfunding, already have products on the market, and are responsive to inquiries in their comment section.

Where to Buy the Flynova Pro Boomerang Spinner

Flynova Pro:Boomerang spinner with endless tricks!
Flynova Pro:Boomerang spinner with endless tricks!
Dynamic lights|Safe for children|Drop-resistant|Tripled battery life
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