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Focus Timer Hourglass To Keep Your Mind Gainfully Attentive


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The Focus Timer Hourglass is an Intuitive Timer with a Minimal Design.

The Focus Timer hourglass is an effective time optimization tool to improve your productivity and avert distractions.

With the Focus Timer, you can incorporate the Pomodoro technique and other time management methods into your daily life.

Much like a sand timer, there are no moving parts on this futuristic timekeeper.

To set the time in intervals of one-minute or ten-minute blocks, simply rotate the hourglass timer, and the gesture sensor will increase the time the more you rotate.

Focus Timer Hourglass Time Intervals

Set The Time Intervals On The Focus Timer Hourglass To One Minute Or Ten Minute Intervals For A Total Of 100 Minutes.

When you rotate the hourglass past the one-minute markers, the Focus Timer Hourglass time begins increasing by ten-minute blocks.

Then simply flip the timer to start your time block.

As time depletes, soft blue or mellow yellow lights countdown your time depending on your time block choice.

Focus Timer Hourglass Soft Lights

Soft Lighting Eases The Distraction During The Countdown.

When your time is up, a soothing meditation chime will sound to smoothly transition you from your concentrated task.

A button on the bottom allows for adjusting the volume of the timer’s chime.

If you need more time or need to start another task, flip the alarm timer to repeat a time block or start over.

This state-of-the-art hourglass timer is the most advanced timer you will find that does not require Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or a smartphone.

Where to Buy the Focus Timer Online

Focus Timer Hourglass
Focus Timer Hourglass
A minimalist timer that boosts productivity and enhances creative flow.
$59 $80

Customers should do their research and thoroughly examine & understand the seller’s precise description and production plans before spending their hard-earned cash on a crowdfunding project.

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