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Full Color Night Vision Camera Max Color in Ultra Low Light


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Rethink What You Know About Low-Light Photography!

The DuoVox Mate Pro full color night vision camera truly sees vivid colors in pitch black through its Starvis CMOS sensor.

Without using a flash or infrared technology, the Duovox Mate Pro can see through the shadows and provide a crisp, true-color 2K video of your surroundings.

Full Color Night Vision Camera Max Color In Ultra Low Light

It’s as easy to use as a camera phone but provides 10 innovative shooting modes, getting more out of your photographic and video shots than ever before.

Full color night vision camera integrates the finest of our night vision technology, combining a night vision dash with a small, everyday camera.

Best Color Night Vision Camera

Duovox features Sony Starvis CMOS, which capitalizes on a ground-breaking switch from a front-illuminated structure to a newly developed back-illuminated structure.

This enhancement results in thousands of times the sensitivity of conventional CMOS and the ability to reproduce accurate colors in complete darkness without the use of infrared.

Camera Shooting Modes

Duovox Mate Pro is just as simple to use as a phone or point-and-shoot camera, even with all the insane technical advancements!

You’ll get more use out of it every time you use it thanks to its advanced shooting modes.

Here are just the highlights of what this full color night vision camera can do:

PC Webcam mode

Connect the DuoVox Mate Pro to your laptop or PC in PC Webcam mode to make video chats in spectacular 2K resolution, even in dimly lit environments.

Start Motion Detection

Command the Duovox to silently start recording whenever it sees movement.

Time Lapse

Long time-lapse videos can easily be recorded at night by adjusting the time interval to intervals between 2 and 60 seconds.

Duovox Mate Pro Full Color Night Vision Camera

Instant Recording

Never miss a shot! When the Duovox Mate Pro is set to this mode, it will instantly start recording the moment it is powered on.

Delayed Stop

No more unintentional recording interruptions. When you press the stop button in Delayed Stop mode, Duovox will keep recording for up to 30 seconds.

Way Back Recording

Never skip a crucial scene. Up to 25 minutes of footage can be recorded in the “way back” mode before starting the recording. When utilizing it as a dash cam and needing to record video of a car collision, this is crucial.

Duovox Mate Pro A Multipurpose Night Vision Camera

The Duovox Mate Pro is a multipurpose night vision camera that can be used for a variety of different purposes.

Whether you’re looking to keep an eye on your home at night or you’re looking for a camera to help you see in the dark, the Duovox Mate Pro is a great option.

Full Color Night Vision Dash Cam

Be careful when driving at night, make a record of your travels in case something goes wrong, and use your night vision to find even the most difficult-to-see non-reflective objects before they block your path.

Duovox Mate Pro Full Color Night Vision Camera Dash Cam

Night Vision For Boat

You can find your way through lakes and oceans, spot schools of fish in the dark, and return to port without incident.

The Duovox Mate Pro may be mounted on your boat, connected to a tablet or phone, and streamed in full color night vision from the steering wheel.

Night Vision Security Camera

Wherever you go, keep your family and yourself safe. The Duovox Mate Pro can be set up wherever you are – at home, at the office, or on vacation. Unlike stationary security cameras, Duovox can travel with you.

You can also use the Duovox Mate Pro to capture on-the-go surveillance footage for those gumshoe detectives out there.

Duovox Mate Pro Full Color Night Vision Camera 1000 Feet Distance

With an advanced long-range 7-lens optical system plus a built-in IR filter and 1,000 feet of night vision distance, there won’t be much you’ll miss.

You can even stream online when you connect the Duovox Mate Pro to your PC.

Where to buy the Duovox Mate Pro Full Color Night Vision Camera

Duovox Mate Pro Full Color Night Vision Camera
Duovox Mate Pro Full Color Night Vision Camera
$399.00 $1,200.00

Customers should do their research and thoroughly examine & understand the seller’s precise description and production plans before spending their hard-earned cash on a crowdfunding project.

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