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Incredible Seaview Full Face Snorkel Mask Gives You A 180° View Of The Sea!


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This Seaview Full Face Snorkel Mask Allows You to Breathe With Confidence as You Explore the Ocean!°

This custom-designed full-faced snorkel mask from the folks at Wildhorn Outfitters is destined to make any of your snorkeling excursions memorable!

Featuring a unique 180-degree full-face design, you’ll be able to take in the sights of the sea in ways you’ve never seen before!

What is a Full Face Snorkeling Mask?

Rather than a traditional snorkeling mask that only covers your eyes and nose, a full-face snorkeling mask covers your entire face.

Full Face Snorkel Mask Seaview Sv2

For standard snorkeling, a full-face snorkel mask is a perfect accessory for swimmers for those interested in staying in relatively stable depths— while those interested in deeper waters or free diving may find themselves in the market for a more traditional snorkeling mask.

A Full Face Snorkel Mask is the Best Gear for Casual Snorkeling

When it comes to recreational snorkeling, there are several benefits to having a full-faced snorkel mask.

The larger lens on the mask allows for a more in-depth view of the ocean floor, or wherever it is you may be snorkeling.

A Full Face Snorkel Mask Is The Best Gear For Casual Snorkeling

A larger lens gives easy access to your peripheral vision, so you can see through the water at a full 180-degree view.

Additionally, one of the focal points of a full-face snorkeling mask is that the snorkel itself is integrated into the mask, so you’ll no longer need to hold an additional piece in your mouth while underwater.

What are the Features of the Seaview Full Face Snorkel Mask?

There are several features of the Seaview V2 Full Face Snorkeling Mask that makes this product the standard-bearer of recreational snorkeling.

One feature, should water leak into the mask while you’re using it— thanks to the mask’s unique design, water can run through to the bottom of your chin, as opposed to being trapped near your eyes should a leak occur with a more traditional style snorkel mask.

Incredible Seaview Full Face Snorkel Mask Gives You A 180° View Of The Sea!


Additionally, this snorkeling mask is equipped with fog resistance, a FlowTech airflow system with 4 chambered air intake valves, a patent-pending arched tube design, and is fully adjustable with a removable ball joint mount for a GoPro or another action camera.

How can I stay Safe while Using the Seaview Full Face Snorkel Mask?


As always, safety is a priority with any aspect of life- and this full-faced snorkeling mask from Wildhorn Outfitters is safety tested in order to make sure you never have concerns when you’re snorkeling!

Safety Is Priority With The Seaview Full Face Snorkel Mask

A few tips to ensure you can be as safe as possible, all while having some underwater fun can be seen here!

  • Snorkeling with the full-faced mask is only recommended for recreational snorkeling near a surface level.
  • Strenuous swimming while using any sort of snorkel, including this full-face snorkel mask— is not recommended.
  • Traditional style snorkeling masks are used for free diving. For rigorous swimming, use goggles when attempting to see underwater.
  • Be sure to take regular breaks when snorkeling.
  • As always, remember the buddy rule: Never Snorkel Alone!

What are the Specs of this Full Face Snorkel Mask?

The product specifications for this full-faced snorkeling mask are as follows:

  • Available in six colors- Sunset (Red), Citrus (Lime Green), Seafoam (Cyan), Sky (Blue), Stealth (Black), and Orca (Gray/White)
  • Polycarbonate Lens/Frame
  • Medical Grade Silicon

The Seaview Full Face Snorkel Mask also comes in three different sizes, measuring the distance of the bridge of your nose to your chin:

  • Small (3.8″ in to 4.5″ in)
  • Medium (4.51″ in to 5.1″ in)
  • Large (5.2″ in to 5.8″ in)

Where to Buy the Seaview SV2 Full Face Snorkel Mask

Seaview 180° V2 Snorkel Mask
Seaview 180° V2 Snorkel Mask
THE SEAVIEW 180° V2 full face snorkel mask a meticulous design for a unique underwater viewing experience.

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