Funny Banana Duck Statue Brings A Sidesplitting Good Time To Your Yard!


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These Silly yet Unique Banana Duck Statues Will Have Your Neighbors Waddling Down the Block to Check out Your Yard!

Looking for a fun new display to make the lawn a little more exciting? Wanna make sure when someone passes by, they’re sure to take a look at what’s in your yard?

If so, look no further than these whimsical Banana Duck lawn ornaments!

These Banana Duck Lawn Ornaments are Guaranteed to Catch Attention and Make Your Lawn Look Quacktastic!

We’re not quite sure who had the idea to combine a duck and banana to make these unique statues, but we DO know they look incredibly realistic!

Banana Duck Statue


From the features of the duck’s head and feet to the peel and textured look of the banana portion of this wacky lawn ornament, the craftsmanship on these statues is immaculately detailed.

What are these Banana Duck Statues made out of?

These funny, vibrant lawn ornaments are covered in high-quality UV-resistant full-colored paint, to remain as eye-catching and exciting on even the brightest of days.

Banana Duck Statue


Additionally, the statues are hand-casted with real gravel and durable resin to withstand any sort of weather conditions while keeping your garden or front yard looking as interesting as only a banana duck can!

Keep all of your Ducks in a Row, no matter where you take your Banana Duck!

Whether you’re placing them in your garden, front or back lawn, buying the statues as a silly gift for a friend or family member, or even taking them on the go with you as a fun decoration for the office, you’ll almost assuredly catch some curious glances and laughs no matter where you keep your potassium powered ducks!

Banana Ducklings

Who knows? The more of them you have on-hand, perhaps you may even end up with some cute Banana Ducklings!

Where to Buy the Banana Duck Statues

Banana Duck Statue
Banana Duck Statue

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