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G2T N1 Plus Electric Scarf Regulates Comfortable Temperatures

The G2T N1 Plus Electric Scarf Regulates Your Temperature on a Cold Night or the Heat of the Day.

This portable electric scarf is the latest version of the ingenious temperature control device that keeps your body temperature regulated on the go or at home.

The portable temperature regulating neck scarf is able to warm or cool your body temperature by heating or cooling the plates on the sides and back of the device.

The dynamic neckerchief comes in four colors; black, white, bumble bee yellow, and ice blue.

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The Electric Scarf is Portable and Convenient

Unlike other neck wraps, The G2T N1 Plus electric scarf is engineered with a more compact size and design allowing for more adaptability.  It is easy to operate in any environment at home, in the office, or on the go.

Common uses are outside activities, cleaning at home, to help loosen that stiff neck, or even for women who suffer from hot flashes and need help instantly cooling down.

The electric neckwear also works well below a knitted scarf to keep the heat in.

How to Use The G2T N1 Plus Electric Scarf

To operate the electric scarf, the temperature control buttons are located directly on the front of the device (depending on how you wear it).   The power regulator is directly in between the heating and cooling buttons.  When needed for instant relief there is a Turbo button to immediately adjust the temperature in 5 degree increments.

The G2T electric scarf is powered by any USB power bank of 6000mAh or higher.  The advanced technology is power efficient and delivers a soft cooling or warming without the use of any chemicals.

The adjustable electric neck heater comes in two sizes S/M and L/XL and minor adjustments can be made for maximum comfort.

Is the G2T N1 Plus Electric Scarf Safe To Use?

The electric components are safely designed for over current and overheating.  The device will automatically cut off if either is detected.

Where to Buy the G2T N1 Plus Electric Scarf

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