Galactic Mood Ring Toilet Seat Is An Illuminating Experience On The Throne


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The Galactic Mood Ring Toilet Seat will Confirm if Urine a Crappy Mood!

Galactic Mood Ring Toilet Seats are the newest twist on an old invention.  Mood Rings have been around since the psychedelic era of 1975 and were incredibly popular, mysteriously changing colors based on your body’s temperature.

These body temperature changes were associated with moods, and the Mood Ring became a national sensation.

Even and Katelyn provide some free insight at their Instructables workshop on the basic concept of how to construct a Mood Ring Toilet Seat DIY.

However, the Engineer Artisans, known for interesting new concept projects, are now selling their comprehensive Galactic Mood Ring Toilet Seat DIY plans on Etsy.

Each lid will be finished differently, so, you can make your very own unique mood ring toilet topper.

The mood toilet seat is designed to have the exact same reaction to body temperature as a mood ring does.

The suspended thermochromatic liquid crystals twist as a reaction to temperature change.

Light diffraction is an effect of this suspended twisting, and therefore you’ll see a color change.

So now, if you are in a crappy mood and feel your temperature rising, the toilet seat or cover lid will reflect that for all to see.

Galactic Mood Ring Toilet Seats will cost you around $100 in supplies, and it will take you a week after your project has finished for it to cure.

The digital download will provide the supply list and every step needed to make your one-of-a-kind mood toilet seat, with no special skills needed.

The Galactic Mood Ring Toilet Seat is a great prank when your company comes over, leaving EVERY detail of their imprint.  If your ham hocks lie over the side, it will also reveal that.

Once the galaxy of your glute print fades away, the mood ring toilet seat cools and displays a star-filled night.

For those not so DIY inclined, eventually, there might be an astronomic demand from fans of the celestial crapper trapper that someone will begin to sell them in mass.  Use our search links below to keep up to date.

Where to Buy the Galactic Mood Ring Toilet Seat DIY PDF plans

Last update was on: February 21, 2023 23:24

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