Stunning Galaxy Rose Elegantly Displays Your Love To Your Partner


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This Gorgeous Galaxy Rose Flower is the Perfect Display of Love and Admiration for Your Significant Other

There’s no better classic display of affection than gifting a flower to your partner, and with this beautiful Galaxy Rose, you’ll quickly have your special someone falling for you all over again!

What is a Galaxy Rose?

Inspired by the domed rose in the Disney film “Beauty and The Beast”, these vibrant galaxy flowers take things to the next level, both in terms of craftsmanship, and their exceedingly romantic visuals.

Stunning Galaxy Rose Elegantly Displays Your Love

Handcrafted by the folks over at Rose Lives Love, these mysteriously enchanted, yet boldly colorful roses will have you and your partner falling in love with one another again, just as you had in the first place.

“Faith In Love Forever” is the Promise of the Galaxy Rose

Love is arguably the most powerful force we have in this world, and more importantly, in our hearts.

Whether we’re expressing that feeling to our friends, our family, our pets, or our significant others, it’s love that allows us to feel that kinship or open ourselves up to another person.

Stunning Galaxy Rose Elegantly Displays Your Love

With this enchanted galaxy flower, there’s no better form of the symbolism of your love and adoration, or to say “I love you more as time goes by”.

From the multitude of rainbow colors to its sleek and elegant glass dome display— you’ll be adding to your own love story at the first glance.

Will My Galaxy Rose Die?

Among the best features of these stunning rainbow, galaxy roses are that they’ll never fade or wither away!

Galaxy Roses are handcrafted art pieces intended to last forever.

Iridescent rose petals and high-quality materials are delicately fashioned in order to bring you and your favorite person a special, one-of-a-kind gift.

Along with the rose itself, encased within the glass dome are 20 LED fairy lights to help provide a soft romantic glow to your iridescent enchanted flower.

Whether you’re side-by-side with another, having to spend time apart because of long distance, or perhaps even time away because of quarantining—this ultimate symbol of love will never let the spark of yours or your special someone fade away.

What are the specs of the Galaxy Rose?

The specifications of these beautiful Galaxy Roses are as follows:

  • Net Weight of 0.7lbs
  • 8.6 x 4.5 inches / 22 x 11.4 centimeters
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries

Where to Buy the Galaxy Rose

Galaxy Enchanted Rose LED In A Glass Dome inspired by beauty and the beast represents your eternity love. The perfect gift for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Birthday, Wedding or Anniversary
in stock
Galaxy Rose - Rose Lives Love

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