Game of Thrones Sigils Tankard


Game of Thrones Sigils Tankard with House Mottos.

The tortuously hand painted Game of Thrones Sigils Tankard results in flawless color and detail.  The mug highlights five archways.

Inside the arches, there is both the sigil and saying of each house; the winged serpent of the Targaryen’s, the Kraken of the Greyjoy’s, the Stag of the Baratheon’s, the Desperate Wolf of the Starks and the Lion of the Lannister’s.

With intricate details that are certain to take the breath of any loyal Game of Thrones enthusiast, this mug is hand-painted and produced using the most astounding quality resin.  You may buy this awesome tankard as a gift and end up keeping it. “Everything’s better with some wine in the belly.” – Tyrion Lannister

Where to Buy The Game of Thrones Sigils Tankard

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