GTRacing Gaming Chairs with Speakers and Footrest To Increase Comfort


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The GTRacing Gaming Chairs with Speakers and Footrest are for Serious Gamers!

The GTRacing gaming chairs with speakers and extendable footrests are great multipurpose chairs with Bluetooth capabilities.  It is time for an upgrade!

Kick that old beat-up chair to the curb and enjoy your gaming marathons in this heavy-duty but comfortable gaming chair.

The ergonomic design with the removable head pillow and lumbar support offer full back support and comfort.

Immerse Yourself in GTRacing’s Gaming Chair With Bluetooth Speakers

GTRacing has released an ergonomic gaming chair with Bluetooth speakers inlaid on both sides near the headrest.

The clarity of the surround sound enriches any entertainment experience.

Gtracing Gaming Chair With Bluetooth Speakers And A Recliner Footrest

The intensity of the solid bass and robust acoustics provide a deeply immersive environment.

With the addition of their USB Bluetooth transmitter, you can connect your smartphone, tablet, PC, gaming consoles, or other Bluetooth devices to enjoy your music, gaming, or your favorite movie, while you kick back in your gaming chair.

Kickback and Relax in These Gaming Chairs with Speakers

The GTRacing game chairs have a heavy-duty design that is built on a strong support base.

It is a great place to kick your feet up after (or during) a long day at the office or a long gaming session.

The gaming chair with footrest is ergonomically designed with a thick padded back and seat.

The armrest and seat height are adjustable.

Gtracing Gaming Chair With Bluetooth Speakers And A Recliner Footrest

When you combine the reclining back and extendable footrest with the removable pillow and padded lumbar cushion, there really is no reason to do ANYTHING for the rest of the day.

However, tomorrow, when you have to get back to the grind, you can use the GTRacing gaming chair for work, studying, or….you guessed it….more gaming.

These immersive gaming chairs come in 7 different colors including black, black with white trim, and black with gray trim.

We listed the most interesting colors below.  Just click one to see all options.

A recent update showed the Walmart Pricing at $159.99 CLICK HERE to get the reduced pricing while it lasts.

Where to Buy the GTRacing Gaming Chairs with Speakers and Footrest

Music Series Gt890Mf-Red
$179.99 $209.99
Music Series Gt890Mf-Pink
Music SERIES GT890MF-Pink
$209.99 $229.99
Music Series Gt890Mf-Blue
Music Series Gt890Mf-Purple
Music SERIES GT890MF-Purple

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