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Gardyn Home Kit For Hydroponics Garden Indoor Plant Growth


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The Gardyn Home Kit Hydroponics Garden Tower has a WIFI Integration that Remotely Controls Growing Produce.

The Gardyn Home Kit indoor garden system enables you to grow an abundance of fruits, vegetables, herbs, or even flowers all in one space-saving hydroponic system kit.

Grow what you need in winter, summer, spring, or fall your produce will always be in season.

Gardyn Home Kit For Hydroponics Garden Indoor Plant Growth

With Gardyn tech, you can plant and grow your own seeds in 30 different pods to grow your favorite hydroponic garden herbs, or become a member and get 30 seed pods for free.

The space-saving garden takes up very little space at approximately 2 feet wide, 1 foot deep, and about 5 feet tall, and it is fitted with LED lights to maximize your growth.

Gardyn Home Kit For Hydroponics Garden Indoor Plant Growth

Once you pair the Gardyn home indoor smart garden with WIFI, use your mobile app where Kelby will be your AI assistant, letting you know when your plants need water or light.

Going on vacation? Don’t fret!  The vertical hydroponics garden will monitor the growth of your plants and determine whether they need more or less water to ensure your plants stay healthy in your absence.

The app also provides tips on lighting schedules, alerts on water levels, and how to harvest and take care of the plants.

Gardyn Home Kit For Hydroponics Garden Indoor Plant Growth

Grow lettuce, kale, butterhead, arugula, green rosemary, cilantro, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, and more in your home’s indoor smart garden.

Your produce will stay fresh longer, and there is no pressure to harvest immediately.

If you are tired of bland produce from the store and have a desire for homegrown fruits and vegetables that taste as they should, you will love the Gardyn hydroponic system.

Where to Buy the Gardyn Home Kit Indoor Garden System

Gardyn Home Kit
Gardyn Home Kit

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