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Garmin Overlander All-Terrain GPS Is Absolutely Unbeatable


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The Garmin Overlander All Terrain GPS is a Rugged Multi-Purpose Off-Road Guidance System.

The Garmin Overlander All Terrain GPS provides turn-by-turn directions for on-road navigation as well as topography maps for when you want to escape the concrete jungle.

The topical mapping displays public land boundaries and 4X4 road routes.  Get the best off-road routes by entering your vehicle’s height, weight, and length.

Compatible With iOverlander App and Ultimate Public Campgrounds

Garmin Overlander All-Terrain GPS comes preloaded with iOverlander™ points of interest and Ultimate Public Campgrounds.  As a result, you never have to refer to a cell signal to find optimal places to check out or camp.

The rugged GPS tracker can pair with inReach satellite communicators for two-way text messaging, interactive SOS GPS locator, and real-time weather forecasts.

The Garmin tracker integrates further by having the capability to pair with up to four Garmin BC 30 backup cameras.

In addition, use your Garmin Explore™ account to wirelessly sync your tracks and way-points across your Overlander navigator, smartphone, and desktop.

The all-terrain tracker is built to go wherever your adventure takes you. It mounts securely to a powered magnetic mount that comes with a suction cup or RAM-compatible adapter.

Where to Buy The Overlander All Terrain GPS

The Garmin Overlander is a rugged, all-terrain navigator built for on- and off-road navigation. Mount it in your car when you're driving and exploring new terrain, and this navigator won't just direct you down freeways and most asphalt roads, but 4x4 roads, service roads, waterways, and trails...
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Garmin Overlander

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