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GDome Mobile Universal Smartphone Underwater Dome System


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The GDOME Mobile Underwater Dome System Universally Transforms Your Phone To An Underwater Camera!

GDOME’s latest affordable underwater smartphone dome allows users to capture crystal clear photos and videos of marine life at depths of up to 15 feet.

The dome housing is designed for use with all leading smartphone brands, regardless of how your camera lenses are configured.

Gdome Mobile Universal Underwater Smartphone Housing

The underwater dome has rear touch functionality, so you never have to adjust to new buttons or switches.

Simply place your phone in the underwater dome and use it as if you had it in your hand.

Underwater Photography is Possible with ANY Smartphone

This durable, high-quality smartphone camera accessory allows you to use any smartphone including iPhone Max models.

Conforming to phones with varying lens configurations is key to the underwater dome’s advantages.

Easily configure the GDOME for iPhones or any other smartphone by configuring the internal foam with your specific camera lens.

Gdome Mobile

Once your phone is set in place you can capture 3D images, panoramic images, portrait-worthy shots, or go live on social media from underwater!

It is also compatible with any 3rd party external filters and lenses so you can customize your shots.

GDOME Mobile is Fumble Friendly

Whether you are in the pool, at the lake, or on the beach, the GDOME universal underwater housing for smartphones will float atop the water when you let go.

Gdome Mobile Universal Undewater Smartphone Housing

You never have to worry about losing your phone!  Each unit is individually pressure tested to ensure quality.

Where to Buy The GDome Mobile

Gdome Compatible With Gopro Hero 9

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