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Gerber Keychain Knife A New “Ready When You Need It” Cutter


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The Keynote Gerber keychain knife was designed to be on hand when you need it for daily tasks. 

The Gerber keychain knife is a do-it-all knife that packs a surprising amount of utility into a compact frame.

Gerber Keynote Use

The combined use blade is deployed with a starter tab and secured open with a nail nick, it offers both a scraping and a cutting edge.  This sturdy knife strips, scrapes, and cuts as a dependable Gerber knife should.

Gerber Keynote Carry Options

The durable Gerber knife can be carried on your belt, keychain, or in your pocket. A removable keychain is included for added versatility depending on the carrying preference. Although compact and durable, the knife is a bit weighty.  It's hard to fit Gerber quality into such a small item.  To their credit they did.  For some it may be too heavy for a keychain and better suited with a D-ring or the other every day carry options above.

  1. Love his little dude but it has a couple of flaws.First it is heavy. I put it on my keys and man it weighed them down. Looks good and fits fine but it weighs a lot.Second and my biggest sticking point is that it is stiff. The deploy is super out of the box and even after hitting it with a ton of CLP live it is still stiff due to the small, yet thick blade.The reason why I love this though is the size and the actual thickness of the blade. Scraping is whatever to me but it does cut really well for being so small. Looks good on my key ring and the pocket clip doubles as a key dangler so that is cool.Overall other than the minor shortcomings and the obvious price being a little high this guy is good and works for my EDC. It’s on my keys basically permanently now with my full size CRKT blade in my other pocket that I rotate out.

  2. This is still stiff to deploy and again to unlatch and close(after spraynf with WD40 and playing with it for 30 mon.. It does what it should do, in your hand the key note is heavy and clunky. feels like an after thought from comming up with new products

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