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Gerber Keychain Knife A New “Ready When You Need It” Cutter


The Keynote Gerber keychain knife was designed to be on hand when you need it for daily tasks. 

The Gerber keychain knife is a do-it-all knife that packs a surprising amount of utility into a compact frame.

Gerber Keynote Use

The combined use blade is deployed with a starter tab and secured open with a nail nick, it offers both a scraping and a cutting edge.  This sturdy knife strips, scrapes, and cuts as a dependable Gerber knife should.

Gerber Keynote Carry Options

The durable Gerber knife can be carried on your belt, keychain, or in your pocket. A removable keychain is included for added versatility depending on the carrying preference. Although compact and durable, the knife is a bit weighty.  It's hard to fit Gerber quality into such a small item.  To their credit they did.  For some it may be too heavy for a keychain and better suited with a D-ring or the other every day carry options above.

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