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The German Trench Lighter allowed WWI & WWII soldiers to smoke ’em if they had ’em.

Any veteran will tell you, in battle, the conflict comes fast and the supply is always slow.  During down times, the soldier often has to be innovative to enjoy some some amenities of home.  Commonly these innovations came from spent ammo, spare change, scrap metal, and souvenirs captured from the enemy.  In WWI, soldiers had no PX to go to and spent long hours, days or weeks in the trenches holding the line.  From these otherwise useless materials and stagnent time sprang what is known as trench art.

One of the emerging trench art items was the German Trench Lighter, made of two ammo casings. One acted as a windshield for the flame and the other held the cotton and fuel.  Simply slide the windscreen up, ignite the flame, and and hold it to what you want to light on fire.  This handmade WWI Vintage German Trench Lighter consists of a brass copper alloy shell and body.  It also comes with a fuel cannister and operates on commonly used lighter fluid.  A VERY unique gift for military veterans or history buffs.

Here is what one happy user had to say:

“These are great! In the 60’s I found an old rusty original. When I saw these I was thrilled. There it was that same trench lighter all shiny and new. It is a perfect match to the original! I purchased 2! Now my brother who was with me when i found the original, finally will have one of his own.” – litt’l d in Big D

  1. This pair is great and work excellent together!! I originally ordered the set for myself, but have a very close friend who just retired who loves lighting his cigarettes with fluid lighters, but forgets to refill them. Perfect solution. I ordered myself another set, filled the lighter and tank (sealed with an O-ring), placed a couple of spare flints under the pad on the lighter’s fill hole and it was a perfect gift. Fill from the tank, refill it sometime soon, one spare flint, or used the last; add spares under the pad. He loved his, and I love mine. Standard fuel, flints, and wick; and I am gladly giving extra time for the stainless steel models because I know I will get a high quality product that I will use for a very long time. Also beautiful on display.

  2. i just got mine about 2 weeks early, and it works great. i have read these other reviews and some of those other people must have gotten faulty lighters, because mine came early as soon as i got home from work it was on the bed waiting for me, i opened the package opened the box it comes in filled the bottle laid it on its side to see if it leaks not at all put it on my key ring filled the lighter sparked it and it lit right away. there are some minor problems, such as the lighter itself doesn’t hold much fluid and the wick needs to be spread out so the flame isn’t like a dying bic lighter, other than that it works better than the first replica trench lighter i bought, that was the round stainless steel and brass one that is round. trying to use that is like trying to use a can opener to open a safe it holds enough fluid but when they bent the moving part with the shield and cap they made it to tight to the tank and flint wheel so its really hard to open and close

  3. I have had this lighter for several months now. I wanted to wait before I submitted a review.I will admit I was really thrown off by the design. I could see guys using parts to build less fancy versions of this on the battlefield. A rifle casing here, a spring there and really, that’s about done.This one is a show off compared to those older versions.The brass was bright and shiny, the movement was fluid, and it was fluid tight. I carry this in my pocket with my keys ( which carries the fuel tank; but more on that in a second ) so it gets knocked around by sharp obgects and odd angles. It has never been a problem.I was concerned the hardware would get caught too often, but this thing is a comfort to carry and has never tangled in the keys.I wish I would have rubbed it with a strong varnish or paint remover to help it grab a patina faster but then sometimes the best this are best aged… Now that the coating is worn down it’s starting to show a good age in most high traffic spots giving it a great old world look, like it was from another era.And honestly, EVEN if i didn’t smoke, I’d buy one of these after seeing it. When someone asks if you have a light and this mini magic show happens before theire eyes… well, they light up almost as bright as their cigarette.I would say I’d buy this again, but honestly, I don’t know that my favorite grand kid will have to buy one when they get old enough. And prolly not their grandkid. Unless you abuse this there’s not a lot that can break down from normal use.If you purchase one, I hope you have as enjoyable experience as I have.

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