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German Trench Lighter Vintage & Handmade

The German Trench Lighter allowed WWI & WWII soldiers to smoke ’em if they had ’em.

Any veteran will tell you, in battle, the conflict comes fast and the supply is always slow.  During down times, the soldier often has to be innovative to enjoy some some amenities of home.

Commonly these innovations came from spent ammo, spare change, scrap metal, and souvenirs captured from the enemy.  In WWI, soldiers had no PX to go to and spent long hours, days or weeks in the trenches holding the line.  From these otherwise useless materials and stagnent time sprang what is known as trench art.

One of the emerging trench art items was the German Trench Lighter, made of two ammo casings. One acted as a windshield for the flame and the other held the cotton and fuel.

Simply slide the windscreen up, ignite the flame, and and hold it to what you want to light on fire.  This handmade WWI Vintage German Trench Lighter consists of a brass copper alloy shell and body.  It also comes with a fuel cannister and operates on commonly used lighter fluid.  A VERY unique gift for history buffs or military veterans.

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