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Ghost Pacer Glasses Provide Dependable Workout Partners When YOU Need Them

Ghost Pacer Glasses Deliver Maximum Results With Your Very Own On-Demand Running Partner!

Ghost Pacer glasses solve the issue of the new running partner that believes their own hype but do not live up on the performance side, or those who simply cannot be depended upon.  Now your On-Demand running partner is ready to go whenever you are!

These Ghost Pacer glasses are the world’s first mixed reality glasses, mixing your surroundings with virtual reality, that let you race against a holographic partner.  We all know in the REAL world winning is everything, especially when you have trained so hard to get there.  Plus, second place is just the first looser.  So, don’t put all that work in just to come in second.

Ghost Pacer glasses provide the ultimate workout partner and motivates you to crush goals you haven’t even set yet.  You will still have to put the work in but the Ghost Pacer holographic partner will push you past your limits.

How do the Ghost Pacer Glasses Work

Simply set your pace and route through the mobile phone app, put on the glasses.  The Ghost Pacer hologram will come to life.  Then your off!

The Ghost Pacer isn’t just a sight in front of you to keep up with.  You can run past and try to keep the lead or slow down and eat the Pacer’s dust.  Too bad they didn’t introduce some trash talk from your holographic victor.

Ghost Pacer glasses are the ultimate running gear that will keep you up to date on your real time run stats, but, you best keep your eyes trained on your partner ahead of you or get left behind.

You can even compete against the best of runners up to Olympic athletes in sprints or marathons.  The Ghost Pacer mobile app gives you access to Strava, a deep database of routes around the globe.  Your training environment can be constantly changed to meet your training needs or provide your desired running environment.

Not quite the world class runner yet?  Compete against your friends even if they are unavailable!  Simply download their run through the app and your hologram will match your friends route and speed, so you can pull the bragging rights rug out from under them.

Get the Ghost Pacer glasses early bird discount and save up to 50% while they last.

Where to Buy the Ghost Pacer Glasses

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Ghost Pacer Glasses
Ghost Pacer Glasses

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