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GigaDrive Thunderbolt External SSD Hard Drive | Enormous Storage | Blazing Speed

GigaDrive is the Next Generation of Storage

Claimed to be the “world’s fastest external SSD,” the GigaDrive boasts a superb transfer speed of up to 2,800MB/s. The drive is equipped with heat control technology and is powered by the latest Thunderbolt4 and USB4 tech.

GigaDrive External SSD Overview

Transfer rates are approximately 18x faster than your average HDD. It comes in three different options: 4TB, 2TB, and 1TB.

GigaDrive 4TB External SSD Hard Drive

On top of its high transfer rate, the pocket hard drive is also praised for its extreme durability. “Throw it! Dip it! Take it to the Sahara!” the manufacturer enthusiastically claims, “It’ll still be transferring and streaming as if nothing ever happened to it.”

Along with its rugged design, the GigaDrive has an IP67 rating. As such, it’s fully protected against dust and water immersion of up to one meter.

Moreover, it can easily survive a drop of 10 feet. With this, you don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging the SSD and losing all your precious data.

The Indiegogo campaign was launched with a starting goal of $10,000. At the time of writing, the crowdfunding project has far surpassed its goal at $400,000 with estimated shipping scheduled for July 2021.

Features Worth Noting

The powerful external SSD hard drive is backed by so many users due to the following popular features in demand:

Heat Control Technology

External SSDs heat up when transferring large amounts of data at a time. When this happens, the SSD’s overall performance and transfer speed are affected. It may also decrease the longevity of the device.

Heat build-up and decreased longevity shouldn’t be an issue with heat control technology.

Along with the GigaDrive’s aluminum shell design, the SSD’s DRAM cache chip pre-processes data transfers, therefore increasing the device’s efficiency.

Real-Time Camera Backup and Recording

The convenient drive allows users to record RAW footage in 8K directly to the cameras without the need for external software, computer, or gadgets.

This is greatly helpful for videographers and photographers who simply don’t have the time to transfer files from one device to the other while on the go.

GigaDrive 4TB External SSD Hard Drive

With this feature, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of space on your camera’s SD or CompactFlash cards.

Futuristic Design

Out with the old, minimalistic SSD design and in the new, sci-fi-inspired GigaDrive. This speedy palm-sized SSD is brushed with a premium aluminum finish to give it a cool spaceship-inspired design.

GigaDrive External SSD Hard Drive start at 1TB priced at $153.00 down from $299 with early savings and increase in storage up to 4TB.  It’s relatively lightweight, as well, at only 2.6oz.

Bottom Line

The GigaDrive External SSD is fast and protective. It costs way less than most external SSD drives with the same performance, so if you’re searching for a high-powered, durable SSD, consider joining the company’s campaign so you can receive yours this coming July.

Where to Buy the GigaDrive External SSD Hard Drive

GigaDrive 4TB External SSD Hard Drive
GigaDrive 4TB External SSD Hard Drive
Ushering in a new generation of storage.  Save up to 52% while the deals last.
$153.00 $299.00

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