The GloFX Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles Prove The Future Is Now


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When it comes to the future, we’ve been promised numerous amazing things. From flying cars and hoverboards all the way to shoes that tie themselves.

However, one thing that has managed to reach expectations is the exceptional changes in the world of entertainment. In particular, how it is delivered. This is where the new GloFX Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles come into play.

The name, of course, is a bit of a mouthful. However, these LED glasses stand out in a major way. They are completely programmable to help you get to the proper settings you need.

Obviously everyone is different, especially when it comes to how we see. In fact, two people with the same level of sight can still have very different ways they prefer to see something when able to control it themselves.

This is why we love that GloFX has given us completely programmable LED glasses with this option. They come with a full-color spectrum to play around with. The GloFX glasses even have an on-board memory system that will allow you to save the patterns you love the most.

Sound interesting yet? Let’s discuss what the heck LED Glasses are and why you might love them.

What Are LED Glasses?

Thank you, random citizen, for asking such a good question. LED Glasses are what we like to call sight enhancers. They are light sentence enhancers, except you hear fewer dolphin noises and these only affect how you see something.

But, don’t assume that the visuals you’ll see in these things will make you feel like you hit a contact high at Burning Man or Coachella.

They are designed so that you can see the colors or patterns of the world that you want the most. In a nutshell, they are glasses with LED lights. While it may seem like it, they are not sun-related eyewear. Also, they might look sort of like goggles you’ll wear in the pool but they ARE NOT meant for this.

You should also be aware that the seeing section of these glasses is smaller. Obviously this is due to everything that makes the glasses operate. Due to this, the GloFX LED Glasses are not going to feel like wearing normal glasses.

One thing to be aware of is that like with video games, 3D movies, etc. you need to be sure you’re healthy enough to wear them. If you get seizures frequently, especially with certain light changes, LED glasses should not be worn.

This is unless your doctor feels they are safe for you. They obviously should not be worn 24/7 and do need to be removed after several hours of use. Yet this is all you need to remember before using.

What makes them so fun? It is hard to speak to every type of LED Glasses. However, we can tell you of the version from GloFX. Let’s dive into what makes these specific LED Glasses so fun!

There Are Infinite Options In The GloFX Pixel Pro LED Glasses

Using their inventive “infinity effect,” users will see full-LED that is paired with one-way mirror lenses. To make sure your eyes can handle everything, they added in 14 different brightness levels to make sure everything works properly.

These are perfect to use at parties, concerts, and especially light shows. Of course, they can make for some awesome rave glasses too!

In total, there are 350 incredible modes to choose from. This will feature things like strobing modes as well as numerous solid-color modes. If that was not enough for you, the several animated modes will surely blow your mind too.

They wanted to make sure everything is under your control, so the GloFX Pixel Pro LED Glasses are equipped with a pocket-size remote. Not only will you be able to choose from everything without any trouble but you’ll also use this to save all your settings, favorites, etc.

Of course, LED glasses are not powered by your love of color. They use batteries that go into a simple battery pack sleeve. Knowing that these battery pack sleeves can be a hassle at times, GloFX adds an adjustable elastic band with the purchase. This will make it easy to put the battery pack in an area where it’ll be comfortable for you!

The glasses only require 1 Lithium-Ion battery. So you won’t be dealing with many issues regardless.

All of this being known, they cost less than $100. That makes them incredibly affordable and well-worth trying out.

Where to Buy GloFX Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles

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