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Glow In The Dark Paintings By LightFairy Are Awe-Inspiring


LightFairy Glow In The Dark Paintings have an amazing image resolution that brings a calm feeling whenever you pass by it!

Glow in the dark paintings are the latest trends in home art decorations for living room, bedroom, kitchen. Day or night, these glow in the dark paintings display brilliantly featured details. Just 5 minutes of intense light exposure provide 6 hours of relaxing glow.

The ultra high resolution image giclée is constructed with a high quality wooden frame and stretched canvas that is fitted perfectly along the edges.

LightFairy’s Amazon Gallery includes over 2000 designs and sizes from modern to classic, large to small.  The categories include:

  • Nature
  • Animals
  • Cities
  • Abstract
  • Erotic
  • People
  • Cars
  • Outer Space

Whether your are looking to improve on a unique decor or get one for the kids who are a looking to say goodbye to fear of the dark.  The vast array of available options will satisfy your needs.

Where to Buy the LightFairy Paintings

LightFairy Glow In The Dark Paintings
LightFairy Glow In The Dark Paintings
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