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Go Find Me: An Unrivaled Personal GPS Tracker With No Monthly Fee


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Go Find Me is a Versatile and Dependable Personal GPS Tracker Anytime, Anywhere, Even Off Grid!

Go Find Me is an off-grid, real-time personal GPS tracker that uses long-range radio frequencies to communicate with your phone’s app and continues to work without cell service.

The all-around tracking solution works on the grid and off to protect those in your group or while away from home, even without cell service.

One of the major advantages of the off-grid tracker, compared to others, is you get all of the benefits of this reliable GPS tracker with no monthly fee and tons of features.

The real-time tracking device provides off-grid messaging, One-Button SOS, geofencing, and MeshNet with the built-in GPS.

These features allow for trustworthy tracking when you need it, whether you are on the move or staying overnight at base camp.

AIBlue is a GPS manufacturing company offering off-grid communications and real-time tracking.  With their, Go Find Me GPS tracker, you will know exactly where all of your people are and be able to communicate in real-time.

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Personal GPS Tracker Uses

The Go Find Me personal GPS tracker can be used off-grid where no man has gone before, at theme parks, in urban areas, and any other place you and your group are touring.

However, the device does not just have to be used in a group setting.  It makes a great GPS tracker for Kids while playing outside.

You can also use the device to track elderly folks who tend to decide to take a walk at the most inconvenient times without telling you.

The personal GPS tracker also makes a great addition to clip onto the collar of pets who like to jump or dig under fences and seek their own adventure.

GPS Tracking Features

The Go Find Me is not just an off-grid tracker, it is an all-around tracking and communication solution.

Real-Time Tracking

The real-time tracking capabilities of this personal GPS tracker provide instant position, distance, and direction of each member of your group with an active device.

In addition, the trace display shows the route traveled by each member and saves it automatically.

No more tying ribbons on trees or leaving bread crumbs to find your way back.  If you forget your way back, just follow the trace display to base camp.

Link Devices for Group Excursions

With Go Find Me, you can link up to 32 individuals in your group.  Set a base camp or rendezvous point as well as a destination.  You can sticky-pin messages to the top of the app’s text messages for all to see.  With this technology, you will never leave anyone behind.

One-Button SOS

Large groups inevitably get separated, whether you are off-grid or at a theme park.  If there is an emergency when this happens, the Go Find Me personal tracker has an easily accessible SOS button to notify all tracked members of your need and exact GPS location, even without cell service.

Geofencing for Safe Zones

You can preset a variable virtual geofence by size to prevent the little ones (or older ones) from straying too far from any location.  Alerts with flashing lights and voice broadcasting will notify everyone when someone breaks through the virtual fencing.

Mesh Network

The Mesh Network can be activated in the app to share locations or send an SOS.  The Mesh Network allows this information to be sent over greater distances and reach out-of-range recipients.

Off-Grid Chat Through Text or Voice

Encrypted text messages, GPS coordinate locations, and pre-recorded voice messages can be sent throughout the group even if you do not have cell service.

Go Find Me Durability

This sturdily engineered personal GPS tracker was built for rugged use.  It is IP67-rated for dustproofing and water tightness.

Strong rain or large amounts of exposure to snow should not affect the performance.

The GPS tracker will perform in any temperature that you will care to even be out in.  The operating temperature range includes temperatures from -4°F to 140°F.​

GPS Module Accuracy

The built-in GPS module enables autonomous location tracking with an accuracy of 3-5 meters. In addition, you can locate it easily by the trace record even if the device itself is lost.​

Offline Mapping

Download high-resolution offline maps from Google Satellite, Google Maps, or Google Relief for detailed planning of your trips without any need for cell coverage.​

Tracking Anywhere Under the Open Sky

You can expect the Go Find Me, a personal GPS tracker, to work for up to 5 miles (8 km) in line of sight or 3 miles (5 km) when you are in a downtown or metro area.

Where to Buy The Go Find Me GPS Tracker

Go Find Me Personal Gps Tracker
Go Find Me Personal GPS Tracker
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