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GoCube Edge | A Smart Rubik’s Cube That Tracks and Trains

The GoCube Edge is a Rubik’s Cube Time Traveler that Collided with a Bluetooth App Enabled Stem Puzzle.

GoCube Edge is literally a completely overhauled Rubik’s Cube that now boasts itself as a modern super puzzle.  You will be re-obsessed with the modern cube makeover.

Once connected to the mobile app, the GoCube academy will transform your puzzle solving abilities through amusing games designed to teach you the moves to go from a beginner to a pro cuber.

The games range from familiar pastimes of Maze, Simon, and Paint It to the newer Cubisizer, Shooter, and Cube Hero.

The GoCube can be solved in one hour all while timing you, tracking and analyzing your skills through the Inertial Measurment Unit that tracks orientation and position.

Learn and polish your skills in no time, all while, comparing your solution times to other online cubers in preparation for your GoCube online crusade to the top.

When you think you can handle the heat, go interactive competing with others online to battle your way to the top of the leaderboard.

Everyone can enjoy the GoCube from child beginners to nerdy engineers whose brains are so complex it makes mine hurt.

Exclusivley at GoCube save $30 dollars while it lasts, on the GoCube Edge Full Pack, which includes a customized USB charger, the charging stand that also holds your phone, and a convenient travel pouch.

Where to Buy The GoCube Edge Full Pack

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