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Gold Bullet Whiskey Stones with Revolver Chamber Base


Load your Bourbon, Scotch, or Whiskey Glass for Chillin’ with these Gold Bullet Whiskey Wtones set in a Revolver Chamber Base.

At the end of the day, the battle is nearly over.  Time for talking is done.  You have one shot to make it count, so why not load your drink with these gold bullet whiskey stones.

When your done you can reload the realistic bullet chamber for the next go ’round.  This unique set of whiskey chillers let you cool your drink in an unparalleled unique style.

No need for .22 mags, these large bullets allow for quicker chilling with a larger surface area.

When you have to skip town in a hurry, these high quality whiskey stones are easy to pack in your saddle bags and head off to the next town.  The gold whiskey ammo chillers also make a great gift for any stylish drinker to use or decorate the home wet bar.

The white hat makers of these too cool bullet ice molds even kick in a cool wood chest to store your ammo!

Personalize the whisky ammo chillers in your choice of gold or silver.  The Bullet Whiskey Stones make great groomsmen gifts but they will look great in glass no matter when you use or gift them!

Where To Buy the Gold Bullet Whiskey Stones with Revolver Chamber

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