Golf Bag Pen Holder With Grass Base Includes 3 Golf Club Pens


The Desktop Golf Bag Pen Holder Comes With 3 Golf Club Pens in the Form of a Driver, Iron, and Putter.

This realistic desktop Golf Bag Pen holder comes with a turf base and a golf ball in the lie.  The manufacturers employed Amazon Headshrinkers to apply their talents on golf bags, since there has been such a low demand on headshrinkers lately.

OK, not really, although you can get the golfer’s desktop pen holder on Amazon.  The mini golf bag and walking cart are meticulously designed with zippers, rolling wheels, a zinc alloy frame, and the bags are made of quality polyurethane leather.

The Golf Bag Pen Holder can be displayed on the grass base or independent of the base, depending on your choice.

The golf club pens are approximately 6 inches in length and come in red, black and blue ink, so be careful to choose the right club.  To use the pens, simply remove the club grip and replace when done.

As a golfer myself, being on the fairway is always on my mind.  These Golf Bag Pen Holder carts add a little something extra to the office space when your golfer can’t get away for a round.

Where to Buy the Desktop Golf Bag Pen Holder

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  1. It was a gift for my Dad. One of the pens was missing the cap (grip on golf club pen). The bag will not stay upright. I thought the bag was attached to the green, but it was not and it keeps falling over. Would not recommend purchasing.

  2. TheChiliKid at

    The details in this pen holder is amazing, good quality material is used. Although it makes a great collection to the office, not entirely sure I would rely on using the club pens since it falls over each time inserting and removing a club pen.

  3. I’m not very big on the actual sport of golf, but I love things that are decorative and add a little something extra to my workspace. That is what you get with this gold bag pen holder. It is not just attractive but quite functional, holding 3 “club-shaped” ink pens for you to be able to use and comes with the little green lawn for it to be placed on.This makes a great gift for someone who is a fan of golf or just someone who loves things that are unique and still work. Love that it is priced right and something you are definitely going to get some good use out of. Really enjoying my set, and I think it is a conversation piece that others will appreciate, too.

  4. Kawaiigurll at

    So cut and the pens wrote nicely. 3 pen colors red,black, and blue.

  5. I got this for my boss for Christmas, she is obviously an avid golfer, and she loved it. It’s a nice touch they offer different colors too because I was able to get her alma mater’s colors and she thought it was the coolest thing. I’m not sure how practical the golf clubs are as pens, but you can always use the bag to store a regular pen is as well. Just a really unique gift and well worth the money.

  6. Mason Salisbury at

    I received the one with the base even though I had ordered the one without base so I’m kind of disappointed because I just received this and needed it for a Christmas present for my boss for tomorrow. So I guess it will have to do…. the clock doesn’t work, or if it does there’s no instructions on how to set it up. UPDATE: the reason I was unable to set the clock is I received a dead battery. So to get this gift set up, I had to go and purchase another battery which was hard to find and an additional $8… My boss opened it and tried to use the pens and of course only 1 worked, luckily he said “it’s still cool”. I would not get this as a gift again. Between them sending the wrong one, pens that did not work, no instructions on clock set up and with a dead battery on top of that.

  7. College Student at

    The model I ordered was not what I received. I intentionally bought the bag that did not have the green grass plot underneath because I thought it looked cheap, but the item I received had the grass patch as well as a little clock in the bag that also looked cheap and tacky.Therefore my 2 star review is based on the model I received and not the model I ordered. I thought what I received was very tacky and cheap looking and frankly was embarrassed to be gifting it. I think the model I wanted would have looked better; however, I was out of time before Christmas so exchanging was not an option.

  8. Joseph A. Bergeron at

    Loved the look. Loved the size. Great gift. I got this for my son, a birthday gift. I’m sure he will love it.Only one dislike: loose fittings, but hey it not to be used, its a pen holder. I love it and would recommend it.Thanks Mr. B.

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