Goober Candle Are Playful 40 Hour Mood Candles


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The Goober Candle is a Lovable Blob Shaped Candle With A Glimmer of Hope!

The Areaware Goober Candle is cast in unscented paraffin wax with a distinctive shape and character that evokes emotion bringing comfort and conversation.

Created by Talbot & Yoon in their Brooklyn studio, each of the four candles has its own peculiar shape and character.

Each animated candle represents a unique feeling making them more of personable companions than decor.

These playful candles are so tranquilizing in character and personality that they have earned their own names.

Goober Candle Are Playful 40 Hour Mood Candles

Em, the Green candle, is a laid back candela looking for an escape and prefers to be near a tub or subtle side table.

The Goober Candle Purple, or El, is a curious torch wanting to be in the center of everything and perfectly placed on any mantle or coffee table.

Eh, the Blue candle, is honestly unconcerned and can be placed anywhere to be completely content.

Finally, the Goober Candle Pink, Eph, is the lazy blobject that likes to chill on a window sill or bedside table.

You can buy the candles individually or get the Goober Candle Bundle that will save you about 10% on the four.

Should I Burn the Candle?

You may be tempted to never burn the 40 hour candle, due to its appealing uniqueness and that is perfectly fine—we get it.

However, not only can your parafin partner in emotion be there when you are feeling the same way, it can also offer some mood lighting for a evening of binge watching your favorite series.

Candle Features

  • 100% Paraffin wax
  • Burn Time: 40 hours
  • Purple Dimensions: 3.9″ x 3.5″
  • Green Dimensions: 3.9″ x 2.7″
  • Pink Dimensions: 3.9″ x 3.9″
  • Blue Dimensions: 3.8″ x 3.7″

You can find these uniquely shaped candles at through our link below.

Where to Buy the Goober Candle

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Goober Candle By Talbot And Yoon
Goober Candle by Talbot and Yoon
The uniquely cast playful candles by Talbot & Yoon

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